To pull pipe, the L2 Line Layer utilizes a pull blade which has an enlarged “bullet” at the base. This bullet opens a tunnel at the predetermined depth beneath the ground surface. The pipe is attached to this bullet by means of a chain and pulling grip.

Uses of Sprinkler Pipe Puller

By pressing its blade into the ground and dragging a pipe behind it, a pipe puller completely does away with the need to dig trenches for the pipes. Not only does this lessen the amount of manual labor, it lessens the damage to your turf, which will be minimal.

Features of Sprinkler Pipe Puller

  • More productivity – Irrigation Pipe can be installed at a rate of up to 60′ per minute with no backfilling required.
  • Less labor – Hours of labor costs for backfilling trenches can quickly add up.
  • Less lawn damage – Pulling Pipe with the L2 creates only a slit in the ground. It does not create a trench by removing dirt. Restoration typically involves nothing more than running the machine over the cut in the ground to compact any raised turf.
  • Less lawn restoration – both initially and in future as trench settling occurs over time
  • Less dangerous – with a massive exposed digging chain, trenchers account for numerous injuries and deaths each year.


•Transport Height: 46″
•Max Depth of Penetration: 16.2″
•Max Depth of Cover: 13.5″
•Wheelbase: 34″
•Max Transit Forward/Reverse: 215/215 fpm
•Engine: 24 hp Honda GX670, gas
•Bore: 3.56″
•Stroke: 3″
•Gross Power: 3600 rpm
•Fuel Tank Capacity: 9 gallons

Prices of Sprinkler Pipe Puller

$1,750 – 3,500,

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