Sprinkler Rain Gun Price

Rain Gun for Irrigation are mainly used for dust suppression in mining and its related operations. It comes with a pump set and high-pressure HDPE pipes which helps in controlling dust, by sprinkling water in intervals. This feature makes the product effective and very economical. The system of Rain Gun can be automatic and semi automatic, depends upon clients’ requirements. It also has a less running cost as compared to the water tanker system. Rain Guns are basically used for long range part-circle and haul roads. A variety of special Rain Guns are also available which is basically used for stocks and handling plants and coal pit heads.

Sprinkler Rain Gun is the innovatively designed long-range sprinkler, which works best for crops including sugarcane, pulses, oilseeds, cereals, and vegetables. Thoughtfully designed for dust suppression, the offered rain gun is developed in medium to high volume specifications. Rain gun sprinklers are one of the commonest irrigation tools used for the cultivation of crops. These sprinklers can be used for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops. Rain guns are very effective for the application of water to crops. Though not as efficient as drip irrigation, it can boost the yield of your crops. Rain guns need pressurized supply of water before they can work effectively. You need a good source of water preferably a well, river or dam and a water pump to make your rain guns work well. The water pressure needed for sprinkler rain guns is much higher than that needed for drip irrigation.

Uses/benefits of Sprinkler Rain Gun:

  • It irrigates crops uniformly
  • It saves labour and time. This can significantly boost your efficiency.
  • Low or no maintenance cost
  • Allows all year farming
  • Improves seeds germination
  • It can make your crops use nitrogen more efficiently.

Features of Sprinkler Rain Gun:

  • Aluminum pressure die casted body & arm
  • Heavy-duty brass nut, tube & diffuser screw
  • Stainless steel pivot pin, springs, nut & bolt
  • Plastic parts made of engineering plastic for durability
  • Operates in both full circle and part circle mode
  • Jet breaker screw to change the water jet from heavy droplets to fine spray

Product Specification:

Sprinkler TypeOscillating
Length25-35 Mtrs
Radius Range26-53 m
Nozzle diameter16 mm
Minimum Order Quantity1

Prices of Sprinkler Rain Gun:

$ 110.00 – $700.00

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