Sputnik is an innovative fishing weight designed for both freshwater and saltwater anglers. The Sputnik’s patented design allows it to sink fast, cast well, and swim with the current making it ideal for fishing in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

The Sputnik is made from high-quality lead and has a durable rubber coating that won’t break down over time. It will not rust or corrode, so it can be left in the water without concern of damage to the environment or your equipment.

The Sputnik is available in three sizes: 1oz., 2oz., and 4oz., which means you can choose the perfect size for any fishing situation.

The Sputnik Fishing Weight is a weight that can be used with any type of fishing line to get the optimal casting distance. It’s made out of brass, which is a very durable material that will not break easily under pressure. The sputnik fishing weight is also very light-weight, so it won’t add much weight to your fishing line or rod.

This product is great for all types of fishermen, from beginners to veterans. It comes in several sizes: 2oz, 4oz, and 6oz. The 2oz size is good for beginners who are just starting out with casting their line long distances, while the 6oz size is perfect for veterans who have worked up their skills and want something heavier on their line.

The Sputnik Fishing Weight is a revolutionary new fishing weight that will change the way you think about fishing, forever.

Built with a unique, patented design and made from 100% recycled materials, the Sputnik Fishing Weight is incredibly durable and also has an incredible weight-to-size ratio. We’ve found it to be more effective than traditional weights for most species of fish and are proud to offer it to our customers.

The Sputnik fishing weight is a revolutionary new product that will change the way you fish. It’s so simple, yet so effective you just have to try it for yourself to see how well it works.

The Sputnik fishing weight is made from a unique material that helps keep your lure down on the bottom of the water where fish are most likely to be feeding. It’s simple design means you won’t have to worry about any complicated setup or cleanup just drop it in and go.

sputnik fishing weight

A Sputnik Fishing Weight is a special type of fishing weight that uses disengaged arms which swing out, making retrieval easier. As you pull on the weight, the arms disengage from the slots, breaking free from the body and releasing the weight into the water. It makes retrieval easier than other fishing weights, which can be difficult to retrieve. Some of the most common fishing weights include Spider Weights and Claw Fishing Weights. These weights are most commonly used for Surf Fishing and Pier Fishing.

Sputnik sinkers

The Sputnik fishing weight is an extremely popular type of sinker, allowing anglers to fish for a variety of species in different conditions. This sinker is aerodynamic in design, allowing it to hold its ground in strong water currents and even large surf. The legs on a sputnik fishing weight lock into slots in the sand. When you pull hard on the line, the legs will break away from the body, allowing you to retrieve the fish.

The Sputnik sinker is more expensive than other types of fishing weights, but it is also more durable than the average lead sinker. The Sputnik sinker has wire appendages on its body to hold down the weight. This design prevents it from moving, which is a huge benefit when fishing in heavy surf. The downside is that Sputnik sinkers can be very dangerous for thrashing fish. However, if you’re not willing to spend more than the cost of a Sputnik sinker, you can use other spider weights, including the traditional lead weight with a wire sticking out. Alternatively, you can use a Breakaway Super Sinker, or a Gemini Breakaway sinker. There are also other types of weights, like Frog Tongue sinkers, that do the same job.

A Sputnik sinker is one of the most effective sinkers available. A Sputnik is a lightweight sinker that holds its weight while preventing it from rolling around the bottom of the ocean. Unlike a standard sinker, it is easier to cast than a conventional pyramid sinker. In addition to being lightweight, the Sputnik weigh also helps prevent the sinker from losing its shape as you cast. The Sputnik can be a great choice for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Hatteras sinkers

If you are fishing for sputniks in rough seas, you will need to use a sinker that is heavier than the standard sputnik. If your sputnik sinker gets caught up in seaweed, rocks or other objects, a Hatteras sinker may be a better choice. These sinkers are usually two to three times heavier than the sputnik sinker.

A Hatteras sinker is also known as a storm sinker. It resembles a pyramid, but it has a more rounded tip, which allows it to go further into the sand. They are easy to retrieve compared to other sinkers, which is why many people use them. However, because of their size, Hatteras sinkers are not the cheapest sinkers available. A six-ounce Hatteras sinker costs approximately $4, but it will last much longer than a six-ounce Sputnik sinker.

A good sputnik sinker will hold a weight that will entangle the fish. They can be used on a bottom fishing rig, fish finder rigs, and carolina riggs. They are great for soaking bait, particularly if the water is not too deep. A sputnik sinker also looks like a Russian spacecraft and has stainless steel arms to help keep the weight in place. Be careful not to use a sputnik sinker in shallow waters, as they may get tangled in rocks or seaweed.

Pyramid sinkers

Pyramid sinkers are triangular fishing weights that are popular for surf fishing and pier fishing. They hold their position on the bottom well and are resistant to rough currents and sand. This makes them a good choice for fishing from the pier and surf because they can be easily attached to pulley rigs. They are also very durable and are available at various prices. Below are some things to keep in mind before using a pyramid sinker on your next fishing trip.

When choosing a fishing weight, choose one that will stick to the bottom in calm water. The golden mean is two to three ounces, but if you’re casting beyond the breaking waves, you may want to consider something lighter. A 3/4 to 1.5 oz weight will work just fine. But if the water is too rough for a standard sinker, choose a heavier one. Pyramid sinkers are ideal for surf fishing because they offer an extremely stable drifting motion.

A sputnik sinker is more expensive than a regular sinker. They cost anywhere from $15 to $25 depending on the design and quality. They are popular for surf fishing, but they also work well in rivers and shore fishing. They are heavy enough to keep the bait suspended while allowing the line to move freely through the metal loop connected to the top of the weight. In this way, your bait will suspend naturally in the water.

No roll sinkers

No roll sinkers are an excellent option for any situation in which a sliding sinker is necessary. While these sinkers are more effective in fast-moving water, they can also be effective in slow-moving ponds and rivers. Despite the negative connotations associated with this sinker, it has many advantages. The following is a description of the different kinds of no roll sinkers:

A no-roll sinker is excellent for lazy rivers. It resembles an egg sinker but lies flush on the bottom of the river. As a result, it will not be swept away by current. The no-roll sinker makes it easy to saturate your bait without worrying about it rolling over. It is one of the most affordable weights available and is the perfect choice for those who like to fish in shallow water.

A BB sinker looks like a BB, and is a popular piece of fishing tackle. When flipped over, it looks like a fish. This weight has a flat bottom and a tail, just like a fish. These sinkers are great for drift fishing and are easy to cast. In addition, they are less likely to get hung up on rocks. A BB sinker is also great for catching panfish and lizards.

Egg sinkers

Sputnik sinkers are specialized baits that allow you to use a lighter weight while getting a more powerful strike. There are several advantages to using Sputnik sinkers, but there are also some drawbacks. They can be dangerous if a fish thrashes the bait, so be sure to use them carefully. Alternatively, you can use traditional lead weights with a wire sticking out of the bottom, or breakaway super sinkers. Also, frog tongue sinkers are not Sputniks but they accomplish a similar task.

Sputnik sinkers are a sub-style of lead fishing sinkers. They are spider weights that feature protruding wires that look like the world’s first satellite. The wires retract when pressure is applied to them, which makes them easier to reel. They’re ideal for casting large baits from shore. A bigger bait will catch more current and is more likely to move down the bottom in rough water.

Another benefit of egg weights is that they are snag-resistant. They are also made of lead, and the shape makes them ideal for Carolina rig fishing. You can find them in seven different sizes. They’re also very affordable, and they’re worth a few fish. If you’re not going to lose a lot of fish with these sinkers, they’re worth the small amount of money.

Spider weights

Spider weights are one of the most popular types of fishing weights. They are available in different sizes and types, and come in two forms: breakaway and fixed. Breakaway weights have preset legs that release when the fishing line is pulled. Alternatively, fixed weights are more secure and hold better in rough conditions, but will break away from the bottom of the fishing line if it is pulled too hard.

The main benefit of using spider weights is that they are more suited to large baits than smaller ones. Their large size allows them to catch more current and move more freely on the bottom even when cast from the shore. The downside is that a Sputnik sinker can be dangerous if it is thrashed by a fish, so you should be careful when using these. Spider weights are available in traditional lead weights with a wire sticking out, breakaway super sinkers, and Frog Tongue sinkers.

The size of the spider weight should depend on the conditions you will be fishing in. Sputnik weights are suitable for sandy bottoms, but will get stuck in rocky or reef-bottomed areas. They also need to be anchored properly to avoid getting stuck. If you are fishing with a Sputnik on a rocky bottom, a bell or egg sinker will work just fine. If you are looking for a Sputnik sinker, make sure that it is adjustable in size and is lightweight enough to cast.

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