A squeeze crush has a manual or hydraulic mechanism to squeeze the animal from the sides, immobilizing the animal while keeping bruising to a minimum. A sliding entrance gate, operated from the side of the crush, is set a few feet behind the captured animal to allow for clearance and prevent other animals entering.

The Chieftain Squeeze cattle crush features a manually operated scissor action yoke with easy entry yoke bars which retract fully into the sides of the crush. The yoke aperture is adjustable either when open or when the animal is yoked.  Fully opening front gates allow for extremely good access around the head area of the animal.

The squeeze panels operate quickly and quietly combined with the Chieftain or Saracen yoke, this squeeze crush enables the operator to perform tasks whilst keeping the animal calm and safe. The Chieftain Squeeze crush includes the following key feature


  • Head Bail opens fully for easy walk through
  • Needle Door – for easy and safe vaccinations
  • Parallel Side Squeeze Operation with infinite lock closes to 350mm
  • Split Gates on both sides of Crush – for easy access
  • Bottom Gates are fully sheeted for animal and operator safety
  • Heavy Duty Slam Shut Latches with Stainless Springs
  • Easy to use – Anti Backing System (Rump bar)
  • Front & Rear Control operation – Safety Drop Down handles
  • Near or offside operation available
  • Full Vet Section


  • It is galvanized.
  • To fit the very largest stock bulls, it squeezes from 33 3/4 inches internal width (the widest on the market) down to 10 inches.
  • Weight: 1.78 tonnes
  • Double T.B. testing access (behind the rear head gate as well as the front head gate).
  • The head gate does not just catch the beast but actually pulls it into the squeeze crush, making throughput rapid.
  • Built-in extra elbow/shoulder working room for A.I. technician.
  • Pallet fork sleeves as standard.
  • Unparalleled access of the Pearson “Feedlot” further improved with no vertical bars along the whole length of the beast from behind the head gate, giving access from the front of the
    shoulder and brisket right through to the rear of the beast.
  • Lower stable door-style split gate now additionally hinged half way across.
  • The hydraulic neck stretcher / neck extender is designed to give a stable part of the neck for neck vaccinations, T.B. testing, tagging, bolusing, de-horning, etc. In addition, when trimming bellies or fostering on calves, it stops the beast lurching backwards and forwards.
  • All provided with a power pack and pressure system to run off single phase electric.


  • New yoke gate design uses light to draw cattle into the squeeze crush
  • Q-Catch yoke gate operation handle can be situated anywhere along the side of the crush
  • Curtain-style yoke gate opens to a full 762mm top to bottom for cattle to exit the crush
  • Easy to use push-pull squeeze crush handle
  • Squeeze ranges from 750mm fully open to 195mm fully closed
  • The Q-Catch squeeze locking system features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments
  • New Direct Drive system provides faster head gate response
  • Rump fingers ensure safety no matter the size of the animal
  • Poly-composite rump fingers are engineered to endure high pressure
  • Ambidextrous rolling door that can be operated from either side of the crush and is reversible
  • The rolling door running track is top-mounted, eliminating the issue of build-up
  • Vet door opens in both directions for a full 180° of manoeuvrability (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Low-profile latch ensures the vet cage door will not swing to the inside of the crush when slammed shut (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors can be used individually or together to access the entire animal
  • Side access panels are removable and can be configured in a variety of positions to suit your needs
  • 12.75” top to bottom needle door access
  • New drop-down needle bar allows for quick injections
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising
  • Pivot and latch points feature poly bushings for silent operation
  • Metal stamped ribbed floor provides great traction for animals
  • Mount brackets enable you to add load bars or secure the crush to concrete
  • Yoke gate locking pin adds safety when transporting the crush or completing maintenance


$3,500 – $9,000.

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