Stainless Steel Rabbit Water Nipples This nipple water drinker is suitable for rabbit, chicken, duck, bird, quail, etc. It’s very easy and convenient to install and operate. The nipple drinkers help to provide fresh water by keeping nests dry and allow you to include medication and supplements in the water supply.Bold hook, more durable Improved nozzle core components, the use of tightening sealed black pad, more resistant to friction, no leaking Fixed hook and nozzle even into one, a molding, easy to install a lot. Thickened nozzle interface, so that it is more closely with the 8 mm water pipe, no leakage.


Livestocktool Rabbit Nipple Drinkers are manufactured for Poultry rabbit duck bird flock
Important – Nipple Drinkers require a low-pressure water source. If connecting to household water lines, a pressure regulator must be used.
Perfect for rabbits, breeders, pullets, ducks and game birds


  • This water drinking tool can prevent water leakage and prevent the drinking water from being polluted.Direct drinking from the drinker, make sure rabbit can get clean water to avoid some diseases.
  • Internal steel ball design for 360 degree water dispensing and T pipe can separate water.This water drinking tool is designed for rabbit, convenient for rabbit to drink water.
  • Made of high quality material, which is nontoxic, reliable and can be used for a long time.
  • Easy to install the drinking water equipment on the cage, saving your time and effort.
  • Free Shipping!!We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and quality customer service. We supply 1 year warranty, 30 days money back, 7×24 hours email support. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to solve it for you.


1.Material:PP or POM and Stainless-steel

2.360 degree sensitivity to meet all rabbits drinking needs

3.Never get rusty 

4.Never Leak,Saving water 

5.Water falling smoothly

6.Nipple will not be blocked up

7.Easy to install and dismantle 

8.No maintain cost

9.Long using life

10.High Strength,Corrosion Resistance 

Prices of Stainless Steel Rabbit Water Nipples


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