Standard Tsc 513 Harvester Price

Then great, here we are showing Standard TSC-513 Used Harvester which is in excellent condition. This Standard TSC-513 Old Harvester comes with advanced features that surely increase the productivity of your farm. It is a MultiCrop harvester and has 8-14 feet cutter bar width. Standard TSC-513 Used Harvester has a Tractor Mounted power source. This old Standard Harvester used working hours are 3001 – 4000.

Price of this used Standard TSC-513 Harvester is Rs. 1450000. This Old Harvester belongs to Mahie indra from Hyderabad, Telangana. If you are interested in this Standard TSC-513 Second Hand Harvester then fill your detail in the above form. You can also directly contact the Standard TSC-513 Used Harvester owner. Visit Tractor Junction of more updates regarding Standard TSC-513 Used Harvester.

Uses/benefits of Standard Tsc 513 Harvester

1. Good quality, low failure rate, high efficiency, preferential prices, short payback period, the investment can be recovered in one season of operation, and it can also make money.
2. Light weight, low grounding pressure, good paddy field passability.
3. Equipped with double cutters, low stubble cutting after harvest, convenient for ploughing, and greatly reduced fuel
4. Equipped with two-position operating mechanism, safe and reliable operation.
5. The loss rate is small, the impurity rate is low, and the adaptability is wide. The effect is very good whether it is
harvesting rice or harvesting wheat.
6. The overall performance is better than other harvesters of the same kind, ranking the leading domestic level.

Features of Standard Tsc 513 Harvester:

1.2 / 2.2 meters cutting width, Big Hydraulic JDF80 gear box with 42cc HST, high efficiency.

2.102HP Brand Turbo-charged Diesel Engine with stronger power and low fuel consumption. 

3.400/450/500/550*90*51mm extra wided and extended rubber track. Lower ground pressure, work in the wet field more stably.

4.340mm Higher ground clearance and increase the height between chassis and the top of track, better for passing in paddy field.

5.The longitudinal axial flow threshing cylinders is more efficient

6.Sided small grain tank of 0.3CBM and Big grain tank of 1.4CBM with 270° discharger auger & Air conditioned cab and sunshade at Option.
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Product Specification:

Power30-50 HP
Cutter Bar Width>8 feet
Rotor Speed2500-3000 rpm
Grain Tank Capacity0-500 litres
Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit

Prices of Standard Tsc 513 Harvester


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