There are times you must get fluid into a calf, such as a newborn that needs colostrum or a sick calf that needs fluid and medications orally. If a newborn is unable to nurse, the quickest, safest way to get colostrum into him is by tube. There are two ways to “tube” a calf. You can use an esophageal feeding probe (a metal or stiff plastic tube that goes down the calf’s throat and down the esophagus about 16 inches. It is attached to a container or bag that holds the fluid. Or, you can use a smaller-diameter long flexible nasogastric tube that goes into the nostril and then down into the stomach.

For giving baby calves colostrum or electrolyte fluids, the esophageal feeder is adequate, and easy to use. Smaller size works well on cats and smaller dogs. 6mm opening. 18fr. Speculum is useful for passing stomach tube in the conscious patient. The speculum is held in check by the canine teeth going through the two large holes. A 3/8″ round hole through the center allows a stomach tube to pass through. By holding jaws firmly closed any chance of biting the tube is eliminated. The hardened blue nylon resists chewing and can be cold sterilized for reuse.


It’s handy to administer fluids or liquid medications, and better than an esophageal feeder when treating a bloated animal; it goes clear into the rumen and can let gas come back out the tube before you pour in mineral oil or other medications. It’s also useful if a calf has been eating dirt and plugged up.


  • IDEAL FOR TRANSFER Clear vinyl tubing is made of high quality PVC material, flexible and durable, non-toxic and BPA free, ideal for general low pressure household, agriculture and industrial applications for the conveyance of liquids, gases and solids of suitable granular size.
  • SIZE 5/8 inch inner diameter, 13/16 inch outer diameter, wall thickness 3/32’’, 50 feet length. MAX Working pressure: 20 PSI. Temperature range: 25℉-150℉. To save replacement time, please make sure your need size before ordering.
  • DURABLE TUBING The flexible plastic tubing is lightweight and soft, transparent PVC construction allows you to easily see the flow of liquids inside. Meanwhile plastic tubing provides excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, alkali and acids.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE Transparent PVC tube is widely used for air hose for fish tanks and aquarium, indoor water garden, drip irrigation, water line, drain, pumps, air conditioning, humidifiers, other home uses, props, plumbing, refrigeration, laboratory applications for transferring liquid and gas.
  • EASY TO USE The tubing is designed for most barb fittings and connectors, so it can be easily connected to the fittings. If it is fixed with clips, it will be safer and not easy to slip off.


Item Weight‎5.78 pounds
Package Dimensions‎13.43 x 11.26 x 5.31 inches
Size‎5/8” ID
Style‎50 feet
Batteries Required?‎No


$51.09 – $75.00

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