Sugarcane Planter Price

We excel in providing advanced Sugarcane Trench Planter to the clients. Our Sugarcane Trench Planter is useful for sugarcane plantation with advantage of multicrop. The Sugarcane Trench Planter is known for its excellent efficiency and high working life. Our Sugarcane Trench Planter is therefore widely used across the world. With their high functional life, the cost-effectiveness of the Sugarcane Trench Planter acts as an add-on to the clients.

Next-gen sugarcane  are the ultimate answer for those looking to modernize their cultivation process. sugarcane planter for sale are mechanical devices that sow seeds at a specified depth and position in the soil. sugarcane planter for sale ensure proper planting of crops and are useful for home-farming and commercial agriculture. Based on the required use, seed-drills are available in manual and automatic varieties at different price slabs.

Features of Sugarcane Planter

sugarcane planter for sale are machines that simplify agriculture. They come in a number of varieties for different uses. You can buy one online after conveniently browsing and choosing one based on your need. sugarcane planter for sale can be bought at any hour of the day; fast-track delivery is the norm. sugarcane planter for sale have been used since prehistoric times in ancient Sumeria and China, but never before in such quality, variety, and with such ease of purchase.

Uses/benefits of Sugarcane Planter

a c Strong & robustly built.
a c Mounted to tractor by the three point linkages.
a c Simultaneously makes two deep furrows for planting of sugarcane sets.
a c Width between two furrows can be adjusted from 2.5′ – 4’ft (915 mm – 1220mm)
a c Sugarcane seeds or sets fall into place in the furrows.
a c All these operations are carried out simultaneously as the tractor moves forward.
a c Very high quality gears, chain, bearings etc. is used.
a c Simple and easy to operate no complicated mechanisms involved.
a c Popular Sugarcane Planter is operated by three persons only –

Product Specification

MaterialMild Steel
Frequency50 Hz

Prices of Sugarcane Planter

$2,100.00-$8,500.00/ Set

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