Supra Sulfa® III Calf Boluses (Sulfamethazine Sustained Release Boluses) are intended for oral administration to ruminating replacement calves (calves over one (1) month old that are not on an all-milk diet). Supra Sulfa® III Calf Boluses are indicated for the treatment of the following diseases when caused by one or more of the following pathogenic organisms sensitive to sulfamethazine: Bacterial Pneumonia (Pasteurella spp.), Colibacillosis (Bacterial Scours) (E. coli) and Calf Diphtheria (Fusobacterium necrophorum).

Sulphur in cattle diets will increase milk yields and carcase weights, but excessive supplements can lead to death. Distillers grain (DG) is becoming increasingly popular, but are producers aware of the high levels of sulphur it contains. Researchers look at what can be done to minimise these negative effects. Sulphur is an essential nutrient required for normal growth and reproduction of bacteria in the rumen of cattle. Sulphur is essential for rumen microbial synthesis of certain amino acids (cysteine, cystine and methionine), vitamins (thiamin and biotin) and enzymes. In order for these nutrients to be synthesised in the rumen, sulphur must be present in the diet.


This bolus may be divided for better approximation of correct dose; however, care should be taken not to crush the bolus. Care should also be taken to ensure the entire dose has been swallowed by the animal. Observe animals following administration to ensure boluses are not regurgitated. Lubricate bolus before dosing animals.

Supra Sulfa® III Boluses are designed to provide a therapeutic sulfamethazine level in approximately 6 hours and persist in providing this level for 72 hours (3 days). After 72 hours, all animals should be re-examined for persistence of observable disease signs. If signs are present, consult your veterinarian. It is strongly recommended that a second dose be given to provide for an additional 72 hours of therapy, particularly in those more severe cases. The dosage schedule should be used at each 72-hour interval.

Features of Sulfur Pills For Cattle

Sulfur is a key nutrient for all living creatures. It is an essential nutrient that we often overlook. For many years sulfur was free. It was being emitted by coal burning power plants, diesel fuel vehicles and other sources. This sulfur was caught in the clouds and returned to the earth by rainfall. However, this rain was acidic due to the sulfur dioxide and Nitric acid. The acid rain was causing negative side effects in lakes and water ways killing fish and reptiles in lakes and ponds. Also killing some types of trees and other vegetation. With acid rain causing environmental problems the EPA made laws and set restriction on sulfur and nitric acid emissions reducing the sulfur levels.

As I mentioned previously sulfur is an essential nutrient for cattle and other livestock. The sulfur helps the animal to utilize more of the proteins from the grasses that they consume. How does this work? In most grazing forages the grasses and legumes tend to be low in sulfur in the soil and therefore the plant tissue. Meanwhile the plant is full of nitrogen. Nitrogen is the raw ingredient of protein. Most laboratories actually test for nitrogen in forage samples. To my knowledge there are not any laboratory test for true protein. Instead, labs will test for the amount of nitrogen in the feed, then multiply nitrogen by 6.25 to get a crude protein level.

Uses/Benefits of Sulfur Pills For Cattle:

  • Sulfur may:
  • Increase milk production
  • Increase rate of gain on meat animals
  • Essential for Rumen microbial synthesis
  • Decrease external parasites – flies, ticks, mosquitoes
  • Formation of essential amino acids – methionine, cysteine & Cystine
  • Buffer high nitrogen from pastures and forages
  • Reduce Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)

Dosage and Administration

Supra Sulfa® III Calf Boluses (Sulfamethazine Sustained Release Boluses) are designed to be administered orally to ruminating replacement calves. (See RESIDUE WARNING Statement). Supra Sulfa® III Calf Boluses should be given according to the following dosage schedule:

No. of BolusesAnimal Body Wgt
2100 lbs.
3150 lbs.
4200 lbs.
5250 lbs.
6300 lbs.

Prices of Sulfur Pills For Cattle

$44.99 – $89.99

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