Sunflower Cake Animal Feed Price

Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. In terms of production, it is the 4th most important oil meal after soybean mealrapeseed meal and cottonseed meal (Oil World, 2011). A wide variety of products are available on the market, from low-quality straw-like meals to high-quality flours.

Sunflower meals can be made from whole or decorticated seeds, and can be mechanically and/or solvent-extracted. The quality of sunflower meal depends on the plant characteristics (seed composition, hulls/kernel ratio, dehulling potential, growth and storage conditions) and on the processing (dehulling, mechanical and/or solvent extraction) (Golob et al., 2002; NRC, 1973).

While solvent-extracted sunflower meal remains the main type of sunflower meal commercially available, oil-rich sunflower meals obtained by mechanical pressure only have become more popular since the 2000s, with the development of organic farming and on-farm oil production.

Features of Sunflower Cake Animal Feed

Sale of sunflower cake is relevant for those who are engaged in the manufacture of animal feed. This product is equally suitable for cattle as well as pigs and broilers.

It is important to understand that the feed for each type of animal is made individually. You can not feed all the same composition. It is important to have flow charts and to know how chickens, aquatic birds, cattle, calves, pigs and piglets feed.

Sunflower seed is pure protein and fiber. Both components are important for the digestion and proper development of each animal.

To the cake does not deteriorate it is necessary to ensure its proper storage. The manufacturer recommends storing the bag in bulk or in bags on pallets. At the same time the room should be dry and well ventilated.

uses/benefits of Sunflower Cake Animal Feed

Each product has its own good points, for which it is valued. For example, sunflower meal has the following advantages:

  • Nice price.
  • 100% feed protein.
  • Suitable for all farm animals.
  • It combines well with other types of foods.
  • Provides non-waste production.
  • A valuable source of plant fiber.
  • Feed gets fatter.
  • Suitable for fattening small calves and chickens.


AppearancePressed, granular, crumbly
Color Gray and brown
UseAnimal Feed (cattle, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and pigs used in the fishing industry)
Protein27-30 %
Purity100 %
Volumemin 20000

Prices of Sunflower Cake Animal Feed

$250.00-$300.00/ Metric Ton

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