Sunflower seeds without shells are a kind of leisure food that we often eat. So you wonder how are sunflower seeds processed? These sunflower seeds are usually produced in a factory after a series of treatments, such as shelling, baking, seasoning, etc. And one sunflower seed dehuller machine is a necessary device. Sunflower seeds contains about 20 to 25 % max. hulls. The hulls doesn”t contain oil and rather obstructs the oil extraction / expression from the kernel inside. The function of the machine is to dehull the Sunflower seeds and separation of Meat and Hulls. This will help in efficient expelling of Oil from the Sunflower seeds and also increase the capacity of processing unit.


  • Goldin Impact Hullers provide efficient, through hulling of seeds for further separation of Hulls and Meats
  • Simple accurate control features place the operator in total control of the hulling operation assuring you of consistent, predictable result for your processing
  • Impact Type Dehuller hulls the Sunflower seeds having moisture 8 to 10 % and removes the upper black cover of seeds. The mixture of Kernels + Hulls discharge into Fines Separator cum Grader III deck type
  • The III deck type Fines Grader having 3 decks. It removes Unhulled seeds on 1st Deck out let, the mixture of Big Kernels + Hulls discharge on 2nd deck out let, the mixture of Broken kernels + Small Hulls discharge on 3rd out let and fines discharge through bottom out let of 3rd deck.
  • Unhulled seeds are reefed to Impact Hullers through a suitable conveying system.
  • The mixture of Hulls & Kernels obtained from each deck out put of Fines grader fed into 3 Nos. Air Classifier
  • First Air Classifier: Separate Mixture of Big Kernels + Unhulled seeds + Big hulls from 1st Deck outlet (Unhulled + Hulls)
  • Second Air Classifier: For Separation of Mixture of Small + Small Kernels + Broken Kernels & hulls comes from 2nd deck outlet (Sunflower Kernels + Hulls)
  • Third Air Classifier: For Separation of Mixture of Broken Kernels (fines) & hulls comes from 3rd Deck outlet (Broken kernels + Hulls) Kernels are discharged from Air Classifier be fed to further process to Oil Mill

Features of Sunflower Seed Dehuller Machine

The machine can be used for hulling Sunflower Seed, can also be used for shelling hemp seed, but when used to treat hemp seed,need to change the inside sieve tablets of Sunflower Seed shelling machine, the transformation of the sorting screening machine,change the fish scale sieve tablets into stacked sieve tablets. Water content of sunflower seeds and hemp seeds is better in 10-12%, seeds crushing rage is less than 10%. The line includes one feeding hopper, one screw elevator, one main shelling parts,one material receiving hopper, fan and electric cabinet. Flow Chart: Shelling–Shell Removing–Screening

Product Specification

Type Of MachinesCleaning Machine
Automatic GradeAutomatic
MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage220 V/380 V

Prices of Sunflower Seed Dehuller Machine

$999.00-$10,999.00/ Set

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