Sweet Corn Seed Price

Forage corn is a very popular type of feed in agriculture. This is an ideal, concentrated feed product that is included in the diet of large and small cattle, poultry, and pigs. Corn forage corn has a very rich carbohydrate composition. For this reason, it is a food with a high energy value. In combination with feed of legumes (Lupin, peas), fodder corn is a balanced feed. The sale of feed corn is very common, since this feed is best absorbed by the animal’s body. Its energy value is very high. Feed corn: application the feed product is suitable for inclusion in the diet of all types of farm animals – large and small cattle, horses, pigs, as well as poultry and even fish. It is particularly effective to use feed corn as feed for pigs, poultry, and rabbits. We offer to buy high-quality feed corn wholesale.

Sweetcorn Seeds madhur Known you seeds pvt ltd plant-very good plant vigour and height recommended for winter sowing. maturity-80-90 days fruit-long uniform cylindrical cobs. golden yellow kernels. excellent tip filling. very sweet(tss about 16%)high yielding variety. both for fresh as well as as processing market.
due to it very sweet taste and tenderness.

Features of Sweet Corn Seed

 Sweet and glutinous

* Mix color

* Lodging-resistant

* Disease-resistant

* Mid-maturation

* Fruit length: About 20 cm

* Fresh fruit weight: About 320 g

* Yield per mu: >= 1100 kg

* High yield

* Sowing temperature: 15-30 ℃

* Excellent commercial cultivate variety

* High nutrition

* Good taste

* Cultivation measure: Broadcastsowing or dibble seeding

Product Specification

Weight (kg)10
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameSuBo
Model Numbercorn01
Drying ProcessFD
PackagingBulk, Gift Packing, Vacuum Pack
Max. Moisture (%)5
Ingredient100% Sweet Corn
StorageCold Dry Place
Processing TypeFreeze Dried

Prices of Sweet Corn Seed

$200.00-$300.00/ Ton

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