Swine Weight Scales Pig scale is designed for livestock, slaughtering industry design professional electronic scale.
This type of scales with a new design steel weighing platform, equipped with four high-precision shear beam load cell and intelligent weighing indicator, weighing system components. The system is highly accurate, weighing rapid, stable and reliable. Particularly suitable for weighing all kinds of live animals.

The WayPig® 300 market hog scale can be used as a stationary or portablescale to accurately weigh grown pigs to effectively sort and manage hogs that are ready for harvest. The entire floor surface serves as the scale and features a hydraulic dampening system to extend scale life, minimize equipment noise and keep animals calm while being weighed.Osborne pig scales easily weigh pigs, sheep and goats for commercial production or testing facilities. Additionally, Osborne scales have been used for decades for show pigs, show lambs or show goats for livestock shows, county fairs, clubs and youth development organizations.

Uses/benefits of Swine Weight Scales:

Heavy-duty MS Platform With Rugged Structure.
Cage Set-up with Front & Back Door Options.
4 Load cell System (Corner Loadcell)
Works on Both AC & Built in Rechargeable Battery saving features
Bright JUMBO LED GREEN Display
Zero/Tare to deduct weight of mattress or pad on platform.
Portable and Compact Design Model.
Build in Rechargeable Battery
Standard RS232 Interface Optional
Customized size available
Easy Installation with leveling feet

Features of Swine Weight Scales:

  • Exclusive cable-free weigh arms eliminate excessive sway and movement so animals remain calm for fast and accurate weighing
  • Anti-sway bars allow the weigh basket to move freely to promote accurate weighing
  • Firm floor and easy access encourage animals to enter and exit the scale quickly
  • Multiple options for customization, like a wheel kit, make moving scales from pen-to-pen easy
  • Accurate digital meter or mechanical dial available
  • • 300 pound total capacity
  • • Weighs in 1 pound increments
  • • Durable steel construction with green epoxy finish
  • • Large, stainless steel scale head is accurate and easy to read
  • • Includes wheel and handle kit to make the scale portable around the farm

Specification of Swine Weight Scales:

Inner platform size(m)
Ramp size(m)1.2×1.0      1.5×1.0   2.0×1.2
Fence Height(m)0.95

Prices of Swine Weight Scales:

$180.00 – $450.00

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