fungicide is the third new fungicide Syngenta has brought to market in the last three years, in keeping with our commitment to provide growers with the tools they need to help make their operations more efficient and profitable,” said Steve Eury, fungicide product marketing lead at Syngenta. “With Adepidyn fungicide we have applied our expertise in fungicide development to combine the best features of previous products into a single active ingredient, delivering a more complete combination of power, spectrum and stamina.”

The Miravis product line has been designed for exceptional performance against the most difficult-to-control diseases to benefit growers by:

  • Providing the most powerful activity among all chemical classes against leaf spots and powdery mildew
  • Offering high efficacy against difficult-to-control diseases where growers have limited options, including BotrytisSclerotinia, and Corynespora, which cause significant yield loss in crops as diverse as grapes, peanuts and potatoes
  • Delivering groundbreaking control of Fusarium head blight (head scab) in wheat


Syngenta fungicides can prevent or cure diseases to mitigate adverse effects on crop yield and overall quality. The fungicide portfolio spans fruits, vegetables, cereals and rice. Blue Copper (Copper Oxy Chloride) is Broad spectrum Contact, Systemic Fungicide and is used on major fruits and vegetables for the control of Leaf Spot, Early and Late Blight, Canker etc.
Crops: Vegetable crops, Fruit crops, Plantations etc.
Targeted diseases: Bacterial speck, Fruit rot, bacterial wilts, Sigatoka, Tip Burn, Die back, Bacterial leaf blight, Verticilium wilt, Bacterial peck, bacterial canker.

Uses/benefits of Syngenta Fungicides

  • Broad-spectrum persistent disease control
  • Senescence/Ageing delay (ethylene biosynthesis)
  • Improved Nitrogen assimilation/utilization
  • Improved water use efficiency
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) assimilation

Mode of action:

Chlorothalonil is a multi-site inhibitor affecting various enzymes and other metabolic processes in fungi. It inhibits spore germination, and is toxic to fungal cell membranes.

Product Specification

Packaging Size250g
Packaging TypePacket
Dosage1.5- 2 G/Litre
Shelf Life1 Year
Country Of OriginMade In India
Usage/ApplicationCrop Protection
Minimum Order Quantity300 Packet

Prices of Syngenta Fungicides

$44.00 – $115.00

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