Synthetic Fly Tying Materials

Synthetic fly tying materials have opened up a whole new world of possibility that wasn’t available with natural materials. These modern day materials allow for increased flash, a wider range of colors, added durability, attractive movement, higher buoyancy, and the list goes on. Shop our wide range of synthetics and see how they can elevate your fly tying to a higher level. 14pack/set extra select craft fur is the best fly tying craft fur on the market. This premium craft fur is the longest and fullest that can be found and is perfect for tying fresh and saltwater streamer fly patterns. We carry the full spectrum of colors to suit all of your fly tying needs, so stock up today.

Uses/benefits of Synthetic Fly Tying Materials:

The original Krystal Flash by Hareline! Krystal Flash is comprised of fine strands of reflective mylar that are twisted, giving the flash an intermittent ”scaly” look. This effective material is used on virtually hundreds of fly tying patterns, and for good reason. Add a couple strands for a subtle flash or tie in even more for greater noticeability. Krystal Flash is great for both fresh and saltwater flies and is a must-have material for all fly tiers. Available in 43 fish-attracting colors!This is a fluorescent microfiber that will make any fly “light up” in the water. It is ideal for gills, lateral lines and becomes highly visible when tied with Polar Fiber or Slinky Fiber. Ultra-fine textured synthetic, very little bulk. In fl. pink, hot pink, hot orange, white, gray, brown, shrimp,chartreuse, black, electric yellow. Use a soft thread or floss like our flyman tying floss so it will not cut into the soft worm body
Alternatively use heat-shrink tubing to hold the body on the hook

  • Fine Fluorescent Fibers
  • Add Extreme Color
  • Great for any pattern
  • Very Little Bulk
  • Ideal For Gills

Features of Synthetic Fly Tying Materials:

  • Longest & Fullest Craft Fur.
  • Quality material fly tying materials,,Fly Fishing Tying Material.
  • Perfect for Streamers & Saltwater Flies
  • Specifications: The fibers are long ( aprox 3″- 4″)
  • Packing: 14 packs( 6.3″ x 3.5″ 1pcs/color/pack)
  • Made of soft silicon which comes to life with the slightest movement
  • The deadly squirmy worm flies can be used on both stillwater and river
  • New style and vivid color, with high attraction
  • Squirmy Wormy silicon rubber worm shapes



Prices of Synthetic Fly Tying Materials:

$0.29 – $35.29

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