Vegetable Farming: Land Preparation And Planting Methods

Vegetable farming is the process of growing vegetable plants for human consumption. Vegetable farming is done on a small or …

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How To Treat Coccidiosis Organically In Chickens

Coccidiosis is the most important protozoan poultry disease; unlike viral poultry diseases, coccidiosis can be treated and cured naturally with herbs.

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How To Prepare Tagiri To Cure Newcastle Disease In Chickens (Pictures)

One of the deadly poultry diseases is Newcastle disease. This disease affects chickens of all ages but more prominent in …

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How To Make Organic Antibiotics For Chicken In Poultry Farm

Synthetic or organic antibiotics for chickens are part of the important components of poultry chickens medication. Poultry chickens are vulnerable …

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Best Organic Fertilizer For Corn

corn farm

Corn, botanically called Zea mays, is an annual crop and one of the most utilized crops in the world. Corn is widely consumed by humans and animals in various forms and presentations.

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How To Make Vermicompost Fertilizer For Organic Farms

vermicompost fertilizer picture

Vermicompost fertilizer is the fertilizer made from organic waste through the actions of some cultivated vermicompost earthworms, usually red wigglers and white worms. Vermicompost organic fertilizer production is done through a process known as vermicomposting whereby the vermicompost earthworm is domesticated and fed with wastes to make rich organic fertilizer. Using vermicompost as fertilizer is a rich source of nutrients for plants, the action of the worms leads to the production of humus, which is usually very rich in plant primary nutrients, especially Nitrogen. You can use vermicompost for plants of any growth habit or duration; it is a slow nutrient-releasing organic fertilizer that can persistently supply the crop nutrients for a long time. Lastly, vermicompost fertilizer can either be solid or liquid; vermicompost liquid fertilizer is usually gotten by collecting excess water draining from the vermicompost bin.

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Organic Poultry Farming Guide: Housing, Feeding, Medications, And More

organic poultry farming

Organic poultry farming is an extensive system of rearing chickens. It is extensive in the sense that chickens are raised under natural conditions. The conventional system of rearing chickens is an intensive system; this is because chickens are kept in a controlled environment, alien to their physiological and metabolic activities.

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