Integrated Pest Management Programme: Examples And How It Works


Pests and diseases are known enemy of farmers; this is due to their deleterious effects in crop production. Aside from poor management practices, pests and diseases have the potential to reduce yield and make a profitable farm enterprise run at loss.

It is quite impossible to do away or get rid of pest and disease completely from a farm, however, they can be controlled and kept at a reasonable level that has little or no impact on the crop yield. This is best achieved through an integrated pest management programme.

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Types Of Fungicides Used In Agriculture With Examples

The type of fungicides used to control various fungal diseases depends on the severity of the infection. Fungi cause more …

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storing potatoes

One of the problems facing agriculture is the vulnerability of agricultural produce to quick spoilage. Provision of food through agriculture cannot be adequately achieved without effective and cheap storage techniques. This situation applies to all crops.

Potato, being a major delicacy in most parts of the world, is also prone to quick spoilage. It has a relatively short shelf life after harvest, hence, adequate storage facility has to be devised to increase its shelf life and to ultimately increase the profit of the farmer.

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