Tapioca Price Per Ton Today 2021

The prices of tapioca have gone up. Before 2019, a kilo of tapioca was going for US$2.80 in 2017 and US$3.50 in 2018. In 2019 the export price changed to $3.33 per kilo, by -4.762%. High return markets in 2019 for United Kingdom (UK) tapioca per kg were from exports to Kenya, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Estonia. The United Kingdom (UK) tapioca exports are categorised as: Tapioca and substitutes therefor prepared from starch, in the form of flakes, grains, pearls, siftings or similar forms (HS code 190300)


The table above lists the market rates for Tapioca in India on dates 2021-10-04, etc. It covers the minimum, maximum and modal prices for different varieties of Tapioca including Tapioca, Other, etc. in different markets all over India. Over these last 30 days, the Other variety of Tapioca had the minimum price of 1000.00 INR/Quintal on 2021-10-04 in the Manathavady market of Wayanad district in Kerala. Similarly, the maximum price was bagged by the Other variety of Tapioca at 2700.00 INR/Quintal on 2021-10-04 in the Koduvayoor market of district Palakad in Kerala.

While calculating the average prices for all the varieties of Tapioca state-wise for these 30 days, the average maximum price went up to 25500.00 INR/Quintal for the Kerala and the average minimum price was 25500.00 INR/Quintal for the state of Kerala. The maximum of average modal price for Tapioca was 22250.00 INR/Quintal for Kerala and the minimum of average modal price was 22250.00 INR/Quintal for Kerala. The average of maximum price for the Tapioca product was maximum for the Palakad district at 4300.00 INR/Quintal and minimum for the Wayanad district at 1000.00 INR/Quintal. Similarly, the average of modal prices for Tapioca district-wise was maximum for Palakad district at 3900.00 INR/Quintal and minimum for Wayanad district at 950.00 INR/Quintal.

Nutrition facts

Amount per serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g0%
Trans Fat0g
Sodium 0.0mg0%
Total Carbohydrate 5g2%
Protein 0.0g

Features of Tapioca

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Prices of Tapioca

$3.96 – $78.89

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