Te Pari Cattle Crush is the livestock handling ‘all-rounder’ and provides a safe, efficient and secure working environment for both user and beast on a multitude of operations across the country. Made in New  Zealand using high quality steel and fully hot-dip galvanised after welding, this crush is made to handle cattle big and small, and will withstand everything that is thrown at it. Available with a variety of gate options, allowing access to virtually any part of the animal and fitted with an ‘auto-lock’ sliding gate plus the proven Classic 1000 Headbail, this crush is fantastic value for money. The versatile, robust Classic MC is an ideal crush for small to medium herds requiring basic yet safe and efficient handling equipment. There are many options allowing you to spec a crush to suit your farming system and budget. The Classic MC Crush is designed for safe, one person operation. Weighing is faster, easier and more accurate. The Classic MC is New Zealand’s most popular and affordable cattle crush. Be sure to download our free eBooklet ‘Selecting the right cattle crush’


Te Pari crushes make cattle handling faster and safer. Regular weighing allows better feed utilization, helping you to achieve superior animal growth rates. Te Pari systems improve labour efficiency by reducing staff needs in the yards. Livestock producers know that a cattle crush is an essential investment, and that it is one of the most important ones they will make for their operations. A high-quality cattle crush can improve livestock management, increase livestock and producer safety, and decrease animal stress


This innovative gate design features a compact top rail that minimises any protrusion into the working area and also an auto-lock latch to prevent the cattle from muzzling the gate open.They are quieter and handling cattle quietly has many benefits, including improved weight gain and greater safety for operators. Having a rubber floor provides a more natural surface for cattle to stand on and they are also easy to clean and disinfect if required. Finally a rubber floor helps prevent slips which can cause the animal to panic and allows your stock to walk with confidence. Thats why a rubber floor is standard on all models of Te Pari Cattle Crushes.


2’6” (W) x 4’6” (L) individual calf pens – Suits two young calves – Available with either plastic or timber slats as standard – Height adjustable for bucket or teeth feeding – Can be setup in singular or group units – Quick assembly and disassembly – When not in use can be stored away neatly out of way – Back door available if calf pens being installed back to back – Individual pen hay racks available – 100% hot dipped galvanised – Manufactured from heavy gauge steel for superior strength

Company nameAnping County XiangMing Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd
Established 1990
Business typeFactory/Manufacturer/Exporter
Employees180 people
Main productsdouble wire mesh fence, chain link fence, temporary fence , 358 anti climb  fence , etc
Main marketAustralia,New Zealand,European countries,Asia countries,Canada,USA,etc
Note:Different specifications are available according to your sample or drawing.


$598.00 – $55,900.00

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