John Deere has a long history of building tractors that can conquer hills. And because their tractors are so popular, you don’t have to worry about them not fitting your unique needs, they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your landscape. In this article we’ll go over some of the best John Deere lawn tractors for hills, as well as what features you should look for in a tractor and why.

Lawn tractors are a great investment for any homeowner. These machines can help you maintain the lawn and various parts of your property, but they need to be used properly. Lawn tractors are not like cars or other vehicles that can be driven on flat ground; they are designed specifically to cut grass and move through uneven terrain without causing damage to anything or anyone involved.

Best John Deere Lawn Tractors For Hills

Spring is coming quicker this year, and the warmer weather will make the transition from winter to spring that much easier. With springtime coming, you’ll find that your lawns may be in need of some help. While all lawns are different, with different areas of focus, there are certain things to keep in mind when shopping for a John Deere lawn tractor. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top choices of lawn tractors that can be used on hills.

John Deere X350

John Deere X350

Are you looking for a mower that’s powerful enough to handle your hilly lawn? Do you want a deep mower deck that gives you the ability to cut tall grass without having to worry about the machine bogging down?

If so, we’ve got just the thing for you. The John Deere X350 is a great choice for hills. It has a powerful engine, which means that it can climb steep inclines with ease. This tractor also has a large deck and fuel tank, so you won’t have to worry about constant refilling when mowing on difficult terrain.

The John Deere X350 is a 21.5hp (16kW) V-twin air-cooled engine that provides smooth, quiet power. It has a large 44.3 cu in. (726-cc) displacement and 12-amp charging capacity to provide plenty of power and run time on one tank of gas. You’ll also appreciate its 3.3 gallons of fuel capacity that allows you to mow your lawn on a single tank of gas, and it’s easy to refill too.

The X350 is also equipped with a 42-inch Deep Mower Deck that will allow you to cut tall grass without having to worry about the machine bogging down or getting stuck in your yard. In addition to these features, the John Deere X350 costs $4,599 and offers an optional three-point hitch attachment that will allow you to attach other tools such as fertilizer spreaders or lawn aerators without having to stop your mowing every few moments.

It should be noted that this model does not come with any storage options other than its spacious cargo box, which might not be enough if you plan on doing any landscaping projects during your weekly maintenance routine, but this shouldn’t be much of an issue since most homeowners only want their lawn tractors for basic grass cutting duties anyway.

Plus, if you’re looking for an investment that will last you for years to come, we’ve got you covered there too: John Deere X350 comes with a four-year warranty or 300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty standard.

John Deere X350R

With the John Deere X350R, you get a 21.5 hp (16.0 kW) engine that’s designed to provide smooth and quiet power while still giving you plenty of power to take on tough jobs. The large 44.3 cu in. (726-cc) displacement at 3100 rpm is perfect for tackling even the toughest jobs in your yard or farm.

This V-twin air-cooled design also provides you with a 12-amp charging capacity, so you can keep your mower running for hours without having to worry about it overheating. The 2 gallons fuel capacity means you won’t have to stop and refuel as often either, which makes this mower great for long days outside cutting grass or working on your farm animals.

When it comes time to clear away snow from your driveway or parking lot, this mower has got you covered. It comes equipped with a 42-inches Deep Mower Deck that makes clearing snow simple and easy. You can use this machine on any kind of terrain without compromising efficiency or performance.

In addition to its powerful engine, the John Deere X350R has many other impressive features including a multipurpose bucket loader which allows you to dump material into the hopper while simultaneously cutting the grass; an optional mulch kit (sold separately) which reduces clippings into smaller pieces so they decompose more quickly; inflatable tires that allow easier movement over uneven ground; single lever height adjustment so you don’t have any difficulty finding just the right setting for every pass across your property

With a price of $9,700, John Deere X350R also features manual steering, sector steering, and pinion steering options so you can choose how much control over your mower you want while driving it around your property.

John Deere X580

John Deere X580

If you’re looking for a tractor that can tackle hills, the John Deere X580 is one of the best options available. It has a powerful engine and a large deck for moving loose material, which makes it perfect for steep terrain.

This mower is the perfect combination of power, durability, and ease of use. It’s powered by a 25HP engine with a large 44.3-cu in. (726-cc) displacement at 3,600 rpm, so you can expect to get the job done quickly without having to worry about your mower getting bogged down or overheating. It also features Power Steering and Hydraulic Lift, which makes operating this lawn machine easy even if you’re not used to using power equipment.

The 4.4-gallon fuel capacity means that the John Deere X580 will last all day long without having to stop for gas or refueling. The 54-inch Deep Mower Deck gives you plenty of room for cutting tall grasses and weeds, but won’t take up too much space in your garage or shed when not in use.

When the weather gets bad, you can still keep up with your lawn care duties thanks to this model’s Snow Removal capabilities and 7-bu (247-L) Power Flow rear bagger that collects clippings as you cut grass or mulch leaves from trees in autumn months when leaves fall off branches easily before turning brown/red colors (yellowing). You’ll never miss another leaf again.

And if it does get cold and snowy out there? Don’t worry about leaving your mower outside, the 21-inch. cut-and-sewn Seat keeps you warm and cozy while you’re working. With all these features, the price of John Deere X580 is $9,099 and you can get it directly from any online retail market like Amazon or eBay.

John Deere X570

John Deere X570

If you want a lawn tractor that can take on the most rugged terrain and still deliver results, the John Deere X570 is an excellent choice.

With a 24HP engine and 44.3-cu in. (726-cc) displacement, this John Deere X570 can handle any job you throw at it, whether that’s mowing your lawn, plowing snow, or hauling around your tractor accessories. It’s also got a tilt steering wheel and twin touch forward and reverse foot pedals, so you can maneuver the machine with ease.

The John Deere X570 is a lawn tractor with a powerful engine, which makes it ideal for mowing large areas. The 54-inch deck has enough space to cut grass easily, but it also comes with a mulching kit for those who want to cut their lawn without any debris left behind. It also boasts a 15-amp charging capacity and 21-inch. cut and sewn Seat, so you can enjoy yourself while working hard on the field or in your backyard.

The hydrostatic transmission allows this machine to be used in hilly terrain without losing power or speed. If you’re looking for something that can handle hills while giving your yard a nice manicured look, then this is definitely one of your best options. The John Deere X570 costs $8,099 and it comes with a four-year or 500-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

You can use any of these lawn tractors on hilly terrain.

As the name implies, lawn tractors are designed to be used on hills. They have a powerful engine and a large deck that allows you to mow your lawn without having any difficulty with uneven terrain. Furthermore, these machines are also very easy to operate. If you have a slope of up to 30 degrees, then you can use these machines without any problems at all.

Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Consider Before Buying Lawn Tractors For Hills

Before you buy a lawn tractor, it’s important to consider several factors.

Engine Source and Power

The first is the engine source and power. Tractors are available with in-engine combustion engines and electric motors as well as gas, diesel, or hybrid-electric models. The type of fuel your tractor uses will ultimately determine its price tag, but the size of the deck will also be an important deciding factor when choosing a new mower for hills.

If you’re looking for a John Deere lawn tractor that can conquer hills, it’s important to understand the engine source and power of each model. While all models are capable of conquering hills with the right attachments, they all have different engines with different output levels of horsepower.

Deck Size and Cutting Options

Another factor to consider is deck size and cutting options. Some tractors come standard with one large all-purpose cutting deck that can handle both mulching and bagging functions, while others offer smaller front decks specifically designed for mulching only. If you’re interested in bagging leaves or grass during fall clean-up time (or if your yard has lots of trees), then having both options available may be helpful since they each serve different purposes depending on what kind of vegetation needs trimming back first before being collected into either large bags or small ones meant solely for clippings from shrubs around flower beds without any real debris left over from other types of plants growing nearby).

The deck size and cutting options vary from model to model. Some models have 20″ decks, while others are 50″. Some allow you to select mulching, bagging, or side discharge for your grass clippings. The largest mowers offer a cutting range of 1″ up to 5.5″.

Some mowers have a single lever height adjustment so you can change the cutting height on the fly, but others require dual lever adjustments to change your mower’s overall height and the individual blade positions.

Lawn Size and Ground Type

If you have a small yard and your grass is short, the best option is to go with a lawn tractor that’s designed for smaller yards. But if you have a large yard with long grass, choose one of our larger options. If your ground is soft and wet, we recommend going with the smallest tractor; it’ll be easier to navigate over wet soil than other models.

Fuel Capacity or Battery Life

Fuel capacity or battery life is an important consideration when you are looking for a lawn tractor. If you have a large lawn, then it’s best to go with a tractor that has a large fuel tank or battery. On the other hand, if you have a small lawn, then going with one of these options won’t be so necessary.

There are many things to consider and we hope this guide has given you the information needed to make your decision easier.


There are many different attachments that can be used with lawn tractors, from baggers and mowers to spreaders and aerators. They all have their own benefits, but it’s best to find one that works for you.

-Baggers remove grass clippings from the lawn so you won’t have to pick them up by hand later. If you want a cleaner-looking yard, this is probably the best attachment for your John Deere lawn tractor.

-Mowers cut the grass at a predetermined height so it doesn’t grow too tall or overgrow certain areas of your lawn. This will ensure even growth throughout your entire yard without having to trim away excessive growth manually every week or two.

-Spreaders can distribute seeds evenly across your entire property (or at least part of it) instead of just sprinkling some seeds here and there before the rain comes along again.

Controls and Comfort

One of the most important aspects of a lawn tractor is its control. You want to be able to easily turn on the mower, adjust the speed and make any other changes to your equipment with ease. As far as comfort goes, you should be able to have full control over your machine without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

To achieve this goal, there are some characteristics that you should look for in your control system:

-Ease-of-use: Controls should be easy to use and access from anywhere on the tractor; they shouldn’t require any extra steps or actions before using them (such as pressing the ‘on’ button). They also shouldn’t require too many different buttons or knobs; if possible, try using a single lever instead of several buttons for adjusting things like blade height and speed levels.

-Ergonomics: The handles themselves should provide a good range of motion without being too far apart from each other so that it’s easy for both lefties and righties alike. They should also be adjustable so that people in different heights can use them comfortably without having their arms stretched out awkwardly while operating their machines.

-Stay hydrated. It’s important to drink plenty of water before and during your mowing session. If possible, bring along a bottle that you can refill at a drinking fountain or other source of water so that you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of mowing the lawn.

Safety Precautions When Using Lawn Tractors On Hills

When using a lawn tractor on hills, it is important to follow these safety precautions:

-Stay in your seat when going up or down a hill. This will help you maintain control over the machine and prevent accidents from occurring.

-Be aware of blind spots that may be caused by trees or other objects around your property; this is especially important when driving uphill because these areas could make it difficult for you to see what’s ahead of you (especially if there are other obstacles blocking portions of your vision).

-The most important safety precaution to take with a lawn tractor is to ensure that it’s properly maintained. This means checking all the belts and hoses regularly for wear and tear and replacing them as necessary. It also means keeping up with maintenance on your engine and other parts of the machine so that there are no leaks or other issues that could cause problems when using it.

-Another important safety precaution you should take when using a lawn tractor on hills is making sure that you are always wearing safety goggles when driving or operating this type of equipment. These goggles will protect your eyes from flying debris such as rocks or sticks that may land in front of the blades while mowing your lawn, as well as protect against damage caused by dust kicked up by those same blades when moving across uneven terrain such as hillsides where there are dips created by previous passes through them during previous mowings.

-Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing and jewelry. These can get caught in moving parts of the tractor, which can lead to serious injuries. Also, make sure that you’re wearing comfortable shoes or boots that won’t fall off while you’re operating your mower.

-Use caution when driving on hills, don’t try to go too fast. If your tractor starts to slide sideways or backward, let off on the throttle and apply brakes gently until it stops moving altogether; then try turning in another direction if possible (this may not always be possible).

In conclusion,

There are a lot of things to think about when buying a lawn tractor. You want to make sure it’s powerful enough for hills and that it has the right attachments for your needs. You also need to consider how much control you want over this vehicle, as well as how comfortable it will be while driving around on hilly terrain. The key here is to try out different models before making a final decision so that you can find one which fits best with your lifestyle.

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