The Walking Sprinkler is made from durable plastic and is resistant to most weather conditions. It comes with a stand for storing it when not in use, and an optional hose attachment so you can connect it directly to your garden hose or water source.

The Walking Sprinkler is a sprinkler that you can walk with. It’s like walking a dog, but you’re walking a sprinkler instead of a dog. The Walking Sprinkler is great for people who love to walk but don’t have time for it, and also great for people who want to be able to water their garden while they’re out of town.

The Walking Sprinkler works by attaching to your existing hose and requires no additional installation or piping. The device is pushed along the ground by walking, and it sprays water in all directions for up to 3 minutes at a time.

The Walking Sprinkler was invented in 1947 by William Wilson, a mechanical engineer from Omaha, Nebraska. Its name reflects its original form as a hose. This self-propelled sprinkler is compact, easy to use, and incredibly affordable. However, the design is not perfect; there are some shortcomings. Let’s take a look at some features of the walking sprinkler, as well as its history and the benefits of this product.

Self-propelled sprinkler

A self-propelled sprinkler is a convenient irrigation tool for large, irregular areas. These devices can cover an area as large as 20,00 square feet and have up to 200 feet of hose. Self-propelled sprinklers have variable speeds and large hose capacities and are ideal for large lawns. In high gear, they move at speeds of 37 feet per hour, while low gear applies only half an inch of water.

To use the sprinkler, connect the water hose to the sprinkler’s spout. Then, lay out the path you want the sprinkler to take. Make sure to keep the path wide and smooth to avoid kinking. Once you’re done, turn the sprinkler off. You can also use the sprinkler for multiple areas and can even adjust the sprinkler’s settings. Once you know which settings you need, you can go ahead and get started watering.

If you’re looking for a Self-propelled sprinkler to cover your lawn or garden, you’ve come to the right place. This traveler is lightweight, weighs about 18 pounds, and can cover up to 13,500 square feet. The sprinkler’s arm adjusts for a diameter of 15 feet to 50 feet. And its wheels are designed to resist slipping. It is also rustproof, making it a durable choice for large-scale properties.

This handy device is easy to use and can move across a 200-foot hose. It covers up to 13,500 square feet and has adjustable arms. Unlike other lawn sprinklers, this sprinkler can adjust its spray angle and distance to suit your needs. It also has a 3-speed setting and adjusts water intensity and distance. When watering, the sprinkler can move at speeds between 50 feet and 20 feet.

Another option is the Orbit 13,500-square-foot Traveling Sprinkler. This model is cast-iron and has a two-speed gearbox. It can traverse approximately 200 feet. The sprinkler’s rotary spray allows it to apply water evenly across a large area. And the wheels are designed to adjust according to the size of the hose. And the Watex Traveling Sprinkler is capable of covering an area of eleven thousand square feet with a diameter of 45 feet.

Compact design

The National Walking Sprinkler Model A5 is a highly durable, easy-to-use irrigation system that can water up to two acres at once. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to handle, and its robust construction can withstand wet conditions and salt buildup in water supply pipes. This unit comes with a three-year warranty. Its compact design makes it ideal for smaller lawns. However, it may not be the best option for large lawns.

Adjustable sprinkler arms

The Adjustable Sprinkler Arms for the Walking Sprinkler is a great option if you are planning to spray multiple areas. You can adjust the arms to spray from a variety of angles, depending on your needs. This sprinkler can cover up to 13500 square feet of ground. Its arms are adjustable and can reach a diameter of up to 56 feet. It is also compatible with five/8” hose up to 200 feet. This sprinkler is also available with a tripod or wheeled legs that allow you to set it on the ground.

The Walk-Around Sprinkler has many parts, including reed bags and valves. The valve part will determine how much water the sprinkler is able to spray, so choose wisely. Ensure that the Walking Sprinkler features a timer and adjusts its sprinkler arms to fit the current water level. If you need more coverage, buy an extra hose that can be attached to the tractor.

Another benefit of the Adjustable Sprinkler Arms for the Walking Sprinkler is that it can cover areas up to 50 feet in diameter. The sprinkler arms can be adjusted to the angle and curve you want. You can also adjust the sprinkler’s distance. The Water can be directed in any direction, allowing you to get the desired coverage. A Water pressure controller also allows you to control the intensity of the spray.

The Traveling Sprinkler is designed to cover up to 13,500 square feet. It has adjustable spray arms and an automatic shutoff valve. The cast-iron body and brass hose connection are sturdy and rust-proof. Its rear-wheel cleats are rust-resistant, so they will not damage your lawn. It weighs just over 18 pounds and is easy to transport. Once set up, the Adjustable Sprinkler Arms for the Walking Sprinkler will cover the area you want to water.

Affordable price

The Walking Sprinkler Tractor combines the convenience of a tractor with the ease of a walking lawnmower. This device is useful for homeowners with large yards or for those who can’t walk long distances. Its four wheels allow it to move smoothly around the yard and turn and steer. It requires at least 40 PSI of water pressure to operate. While there is no automatic shutoff feature, you can set a timer on the faucet so that the water stops after a certain number of minutes.

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