Throttle Valve In Drip Irrigation

Throttle Valve In Drip Irrigation We had a brief break in the fog today and could see the sun on the distant horizon. Then the wind picked up from the south and the fog lifted for a couple of hous before settling in again. Now it’s windy and foggy at the same time. Yesterday was mower repair and jury rig day. I adjusted the valves on the rider mower(.004 is thinner than a piece of paper, right?), adjusted the carburetor, repaired a faulty switch and got it running. I chose not to go any further and went to sleep feeling pretty good.

This morning, with a few minor adjustments, it ran and mowed the lawn for 30-40 minutes before it died again. Hmmm. Right back where we started. Tim took advantage of a break in rainy weather and mowed the upper 40 with a push mower, which is riding very rough. I scoured the house and museum for a spring we needed for the governor with no luck. I used a piece of wire instead so we could throttle the governor. My goal is to get the equipment in running condition for next year’s caretakers. In the whistle house, I used every power saw we have ( chop, rip and portable) to replace a small piece of fascia board that had to be a mitered and cut into trapezoid. All fingers and toes intact. Sent fom my Palm1914 MMoline-Knight Model MK-50 Touring

Uses/benefits of Throttle Valve In Drip Irrigation;

  • A throttle is the mechanism by which the flow of a fluid is managed by constriction or obstruction. An engine’s power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases (i.e., by the use of a throttle), but usually decreased.
  • Used to control flame height of the Radiant Burner.
  • accelerator: a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  • The process of adapting or becoming used to a new situation
  • the act of adjusting something to match a standard
  • A small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result
  • alteration: the act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment)

Features of Throttle Valve In Drip Irrigation:

Multi turn Linear motion throttle valve.

End connections: Female Threaded type

Max. Pressure : 6 Bar/85Psi.

Straight through flow with minimal pressure loss.

Its slow operation prevents water hammer.

Visual float position indicator to show us % throttle of piping system.

Steel Rod inserted in full length during injection moldings of Shaft made of Reinforced Nylon, that gives excellent strength without breakage during rough usage.

Float Body profile is matched by CNC machines for smooth operation and keeping the leakage under permissible limit during complete shut off.

Dowel pin inserted in the shaft to prevent extra travel of float which do not transfer load on during extra tightening by farmers. This prevents breakage of cap.

During assembly of throttle valve, 2 nos. lock pins inserted to avoid any slippage or loosening of threads of throttle valve cap..

Maintaining seat leakage permissible limit as per standard ANSI/FCI-70-2-2006 in Class III (0.10%).

Chemical / Corrosion resistant, Color UV stabilized.

Specification :

Hydraulic Performance
Valve Sizemm254050
Recommended Flow
V‐1.5‐5 m/s or 5‐17 f/s
Max. Flow
Continuance (Qn)
Max. Flow
Intermittant (Qmax)
Kv (m³/hr @ 1 bar)82038
Cv (gpm @ 1 Psi)92343

Prices of Throttle Valve In Drip Irrigation:


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