The 46-inch Pallet Fork Frame Attachment by Titan Attachments is designed to connect your skid steer or tractor equipped with the SSQA or Universal Skid Steer Style Quick Tach System. The hay frame attachment features Conus 2 sleeves for installing hay bale spears and slotted carriage bars for mounting class 2 pallet fork blades. The open frame is strong while also allowing you to see your load easily for optimal fork or spear placement. A see-through headache rack is welded to the frame to increase its durability and capacity. There is no need to have a frame for hay bales, one for moving pallets and debris; use this one frame to replace them all.

Easily convert your forklift into a mobile crane with the Titan lifting hoist. With this amazingly useful tool, you’ll be able to lift heavy loads with ease. It’ll allow you to lift and transport hefty items overhead without taxing your machinery, making it perfect for warehouse or factory work. This crane can support a load capacity of up to 6000 lbs., so you can pick up plenty of materials, objects, and containers. Installing this attachment is very simple, thanks to its double-fork design. To attach, just slide the hoisting hook over your pallet forks through the fork pockets. Then, clamp them down with the thumbscrews for extra security and safety. Next, attach the hook to the payload. Then, you’ll be all set to start lifting! The boom telescopes from a starting length of 84” all the way to 147”, which gives you the ability to lift your load higher. With this attachment, you’ll be able to place your payload further than you’ve ever been able to do.

Uses/benefits of Titan Tractor Attachments

  • Fits Titan Transformer Tractor Hitch.
  • Fits 21/2″ receivers.
  • 2 fully welded 5/8″ thick grab hooks.
  • 2 mount holes for clevises or additional grab hooks.
  • Tree is two 3/8″ thick plates welded together.

Features of Titan Tractor Attachments

  • SE FOR LIFTING HEAVY LOADS: With this crane, youll be able to pick up hefty loads of up to 6000 lbs. Because it can handle an impressive weight capacity, it makes farming and construction much easier. Dont worry about this attachment taxing your equipment. It’s designed to take all the stress itself, making it extremely effective and powerful.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH SKID STEERS & FORKLIFTS: If your skid steer or forklift has pallet forks, then this attachment will slide right on. It features a doublefork design that fits most pallet forks. Easily transform your equipment into a mobile crane with this handy attachment. It will turn your machinery into an industrial lifting machine!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Converting your forklift into a crane is incredibly easy. Simply slide the hoisting hook over your pallet forks through the fork pockets. Then, clamp them down with the thumbscrews to ensure greater stability and safety. Finally, attach the hook to your payload. Your skid steer is now ready to lift those heavy loads.
  • STRONG STURDY CONSTRUCTION: At Titan Attachments, our skid steer implements and parts are made from highquality material to give you the best service possible. This crane attachment is no exception! Its made from heavyduty steel, making it a durable piece of hardware. It can handle professional construction and industrial jobs with ease.
  • DIMENSIONS: Our crane measures at 84″ in length and can telescope to 147″. The hooks position from 30″ to 147″. This attachment has an overall width of 26″. It weighs approximately 452 lbs. The inside fork pocket measures a 7″ x 2.5″. Each hook is 8″ x 3″ – 4″. The distance between the forks is 18″ from center to center. This attachment has a steel thickness of 0.5″.


Manufacturer‎Titan Attachments
Part Number‎FRLD42
Item Weight‎345 pounds
Product Dimensions‎42 x 46 x 30 inches
Style‎42″ Forks
Item Package Quantity‎1

Prices of Titan Tractor Attachments

$1,099.99 – $2,880.00

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