The Top Paw Folding Double Door Crate Medium is an excellent option for your dog’s home away from home. The crate is made of a durable, high-impact plastic material that will last you and your pup many years of use. The rugged nature of the crate makes it ideal for outdoor use, but if you need to keep it indoors, it can hold up just as well.

The double door design allows you to open both doors at once or individually. This gives you more flexibility when putting your dog in the crate and taking him out again. It also helps with ventilation, as you can leave one door open while the other is closed.

It has a removable bottom tray that makes cleaning up a breeze. It’s easy enough to remove for cleaning and then put back in place so there’s no need to worry about spills getting on the floor. This crate comes in three sizes, small (22 x 16 x 18), medium (28 x 21 x 21), and large (32 x 24 x 25), so there’s an option for almost any size dog out there.

Top Paw Folding Double Door Crate Medium

The Top Paw Folding Double Door Crate Medium has many positive features, including a durable design and easy folding. However, its large size may not be convenient for many people, especially those who are on the go. Its MAXLock Door System provides enhanced security. This is an excellent choice for big dogs that require the best protection against potential damage and injury.

Durable design

One of the benefits of this crate is its sturdy and durable design. Moreover, the crate comes in a range of sizes. It features a durable divider panel, a plastic tray, and a pan stop. This crate is also easy to clean.

The Top Paw Folding Double Door Crate Medium comes with a steel mesh frame and a durable design. Its heavy-duty construction prevents your dog from pulling out the door and damaging your furniture. It also folds up easily and is easy to transport.

Easy to fold

This Easy to fold Top Paw Folding Double Door Dog Crate has a sturdy design that can hold up to ten pounds of weight. Its metal construction is highly durable and all sharp edges are rounded off to prevent your pet from accidentally falling out. It is also highly escape-resistant and will last a long time.

This crate comes in two sizes, a small one and a medium one. It has a top door for easier entry and a divider panel for marking off space for multiple small dogs. It also has a five-point locking system. It is ideal for small dogs who need a place to rest and relax.

Another great feature of the Easy to fold Top Paw Folding Double Door Dog Crate is its removable floor. The floor of this crate can be removed and washed to prevent the shedding of pet hair. This feature is also very convenient for traveling. Cleaning up after a small dog can be a pain, but this crate makes the task a breeze.

MAXLock Door System enhances security

If you’re looking for a sturdy, yet comfortable place to cradle your dog, the Top Paw Folding Double Door Crate is an excellent choice. This crate features a divider panel so that you can easily customize its interior space. It also features a MAXLock Door System for added security.

Its MAXLock Door System provides maximum security, while still allowing easy access from the side and front. It’s easy to assemble and carries like a suitcase, and the divider panel allows you to adjust the living space as your puppy grows. Regardless of the size of your pet’s living space, the Top Paw Folding Double Door Crate Medium’s MAXLock Door System helps keep your pet safe and secure.


One of the most important things for you to consider when purchasing a dog crate is the size. If your dog is small, then a medium or large size will be the best option. On the other hand, if your dog is large, you will need a larger size. While they are both durable and good-looking, large sizes are more difficult to carry.

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