Toro Flow Control Drip Tape

Toro FlowControl drip tape is the latest advancement in precision drip irrigation. FlowControl is the only flow-regulating drip tape available — giving you more control and uniformity wherever you farm. The innovative flow-regulating design provides you with the flexibility to increase or decrease flow while maintaining a uniform output across changing elevations. Now you have more control over how much water your crops get, especially in long runs or hilly terrain, where water pressure can vary throughout the run.

  • High uniformity on longer runs and hilly terrain
  • Retain flexibility to increase or decrease application rate for greater control over watering and scheduling decisions
  • Available in a wider range of thicknesses to meet the needs of all farming applications, including more affordable 5/8 inch 6mil and 7/8 inch 8mil
  • One price for any emitter spacing from 6 – 24 inches, giving you the wetting pattern you want without paying a premium

If you are looking to improve irrigation uniformity and increase yields, you will want to look into Toro’s most advanced drip tape ever, the Aqua-Traxx FlowControl. FlowControl is the only flow-regulating drip tape available. You control the flow, increase it or decrease it, all while maintaining the uniformity you want over changing elevations and undulating terrain over longer distances.

Uses/benefits of Toro Flow Control Drip Tape:

  • Excellent uniformity over longer runs and hilly terrain
  • Flexible control – ability to increase or decrease application rate as desired
  • Same pricing for any emitter spacing
  • Same Aqua-Traxx unmatched clog resistance and durability
  • Flexibility to increase and decrease flow without sacrificing uniformity
  • Designed and molded with the PBX Advantage for increased durability, clog resistance and uniform output
  • Available in three diameters and five wall thicknesses, including more-affordable 5/8-inch 6 mil and 7/8-inch 8 mil
  • Emitter spacing from 6–24 inches with no cost increase, for precise placement and flexibility when designing your system

Features of Toro Flow Control Drip Tape:

The constant quest for innovative solutions able to satisfy even the toughest irrigation requirements has led to development of a drip tape with exceptional characteristics:
• Low sensitivity of the emitter flow to pressure variations (flow coefficient X: 0.30);
• High resistance to clogging thanks to PBX flow path design;
• High mechanical resistance for quick easy installation (shorter laying times and therefore lower labour costs and less risk of damaging the product);
• Extraordinary efficiency, allowing long lateral lines with very uniform water distribution and therefore high crop uniformity;
• Durability and excellent reliability achieved through meticulous design and constant, precise control of the extrusion process;
• Three-hole outlet section made using laser technology;
• An inlet filter prevents sediment deposits from entering the emitter;
• Excellent CV (Coefficient of Variation) thanks to the precision of the flow path which guarantees a completely turbulent flow;
• Double blue stripes for easy identification;
• Single extrusion process, guaranteeing uniform dimensions and mechanical characteristics (no welding, no seams);
• Product identification code printed on tube with laser technology.

Product Specifications:

Product name16mm manguera de riego por goteo
ApplicationAgricultural Farmland Irrigation System
Usageagriculture drip tape
Roll length1000m
Product Keywordstree drip irrigationkit,toro drip tape,t fitting dripping pipes

Prices of Toro Flow Control Drip Tape:

$229.00 – $259.00

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