Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer Price

3W series rod sprayer adopts double-cylinder membranous pump for fluid pump in order to acquire stable working pressure and even spray, also the height of spray-rod can be regulated as required so that it is convenient for the operation by driver of tractor. And only the anti-drop spray-head can be used for sparging component in case there is any residual liquid medicine dropping from pipeline.4 Boom Sprayer Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction.

All the top brands of Boom Sprayer machine are offered, including Shaktiman, Mahindra, Fieldking and many more. Boom Sprayer Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes Crop Protection. Now you can quickly get a Boom Sprayer for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction.

Get detailed features and updated Boom Sprayer price. Buy Boom Sprayer for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Boom Sprayer Machine Price in India. The popular Boom Sprayer Models in India are Shaktiman Boom Sprayer, Landforce Boom Sprayer, Mahindra Boom Sprayer and many more.

Uses/benefits of Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

The boom pesticide sprayer is mainly suitable for large plots of plain crop spraying, and the tractor rear suspension, the drive shaft is connected with a tractor and a spraying machine pressure pump, pressure pump hydraulic spray rod to take the medicine, spraying out through the nozzle. All nozzles are connected through a pressure hose and can be closed individually as required.

Our company mainly produces advanced agricultural machinery products, such as spray machine, fertilizer machine and animal husbandry machine. The productsare mainly applied to the nutrition supply and disease control of wheat, cotton, corn, orchard, vegetable and other crops, which make agricultural chemicals give a full play to their advantages, reduce labor force and improve work efficiency to promote production.

Features of Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

  • Boom sprayer is Less affected by wind. 
  • Boom sprayer in India provides more accurate spraying.
  • It is more efficient sprayers and compatible with large farms. 
  • The farm machine save labour and extra expenses.
  • .flexible use 
  •  simple operation
  •  suitable for preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests of various crops in early fields, spraying foliar fertilizer and herbicides

Product Specification

Pump TypePlunger pump
Product TypeTractor mounted
Capacity500 Ltr tank capacity
Machine WeightApprox 200 kg.

Prices of Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer


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