Tractor Package With Backhoe

Tractor Package With Backhoe Kubota has been making agricultural equipment since 1890. In fact, we developed and commercialized Japan’s first farm tractor! For almost 130 years, we’ve been helping farmers and landowners care for their land. Did you know that 90% of Americans prefer to live in homes surrounded by grass lawns? That much work requires a mower you can count on. So if you’re looking for a zero turn mower, commercial lawn tractor, 4×4 utility trailer or backhoe, look no further than Alabama’s #1 Kubota dealership, Beshears Tractor & Equipment.We offer zero-down financing and low cash prices on our best Kubota packages, from the lighter BX23S to our heaviest model, the L4701DT, which offers a 47 horsepower engine, four-wheel drive, and attachments including a front loader, a rotary tiller, and a box blade cutter. Our Kubota zero turn mower package deals cover lawns and fields of all sizes too! And at Beshears Kubota, we service what we sell, with a 4-year warranty included on many tractor package deals.

Multi-functional engineering machinery incorporating and loading into an organic whole. It adopts the complete machine is rationally distributed and compact; it is comfortable and convenient to handle, the turning radius is small and the cost performance is high. It is widely used in municipal administration, the construction of projects such as the building, the oil field, water conservancy, the forest farm, the military project, and so on. It also can be used in e.xcavating, carrying and leveling and can carry on the flexible and swift homework to scarp heap and waste residue of the large and medium-sized enterprise. It is the ideal model of realizing machine with multi-functions Agriculture is the largest industry in Alabama, with 580,000 Alabamians working on farms. We’re here to support YOU! For the best Kubota heavy equipment, from a certified Elite Kubota dealer, check out Beshears!

Uses/benefits of Tractor Package With Backhoe

Backhoe loaders are mainly used for small-scale engineering operations such as afforestation, agriculture and animal husbandry construction, channel construction, sewer cleaning, water channel dredging, clean-up and reloading in factories and mines, and is widely used in small and medium-sized roadways with a width of 2 meters or more. Small backhoe loader features, shovel transport to ensure that the original load function is not affected, when the excavation part folding weight, excavation load part chassis support, the two parts do not affect each other, but also can help each other. When excavating, loading and exchanging, the seat rotates at any time, with wide sight and simple operation.

Features of Tractor Package With Backhoe

1. Reliable engine and wet axles. Frame designed for high resistance and efficient load distribution ensuring longer life.

2. Tandem gear pump enables fine grading and has flow control via dashboard switch. Power assisted service brakes reduces fatigue.

3. Spacious Cab offers wide range of view. More ergonomically designed handrail and steps for safe and easy entry/exit.

4. Open front grill gives easy access for cooling system cleaning which is great for dusty conditions, battery access and electric maintenance.


Backhoe Model  LW-5LW-6LW-6ELW-7LW-7ELW-8LW-8ELW-10LW-10ELW-12
Matching Tractor hp15-25   20-35    30-55    50-90    70-120100-180
Max.Digging DepthAmm1650   2000    2400    2800    3200  3655
Max.Unloading HeightBmm1530   1860    2050    2380    2650  3627
Max.Digging HeightCmm2600   2970    3210    3460    3770  5040
Woking RadiusDmm2300   2700    3140    3600    3920  4510
Ground ClearanceEmm450500700
Side Shift DistanceFmm00770077001000012000
Min.Transporting WidthGmm1150170014701700147017001700185020002100
Max.Width of Supporting legsHmm2100220014702200147022001700230020002550
Bucket Width in.1416182022
Bucket Capacity
Weight  kg36055060056062063070080010001500
PTO Hydraulic System 6/8/21-Splines,(Option)
Thumb GrabOption

Prices of Tractor Package With Backhoe

$20,599 – $31,299.00

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