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Tractor Ridger Bordering is an important process ,due to lack of high quality ridger, the mechanization of rice is greatly reduced ,the traditional bordering of low efficiency ,high cost, poor quality of ridge, leakage, collapse phenomenon is very serious, directly affect rice production. Our digger uses of the most advanced mechanical ridging technology ,can be covered with soil , molding, compacting at once, the character of tractor ridging,holding ridge,ridge line operation,straight, smooth surface,anti water bubble ,low cost, high efficiency replace manpower is the best ridge machinery of farmers building. 3Z series of disc ridger is suitable for ridging after the tillage in the farm 3Z consists of heavy duty tubular box frame, 3 point hitch system and discts.

The disc blades are made after the heat treatment in the material of 65 Mn spring steel that has better hardness. The machine is reasonablefor construction,conveniently to transport, easy to adjust, and conveniently to use and maintain.As leading supplier of Tractor Linkage Parts and Harvester Parts we also provide Agriculture Equipment to our customers to fulfill their all requirements. Here we are introducing Disc Ridger Mounted which is applied to ridging of irrigated agriculture.

Features of Tractor Ridger

1. This machine is a newest and advanced rotary tiller with mid-range gear transmission system.

2. It is equipped with a 35 ~ 80HP tractor. After cultivating, the width is wider and the tractor wheel and rail are completely covered.

3. The seedbed ridger machine covers a series of 0.8 meters -1.2 meters.

4. The design is novel, the material is excellent, the reliability is strong, and the use is extensive.

5.We can choose vibration roller, deep pine plough tip, electric fertilizing mechanism, etc.

Uses/benefits of Tractor Ridger:-

  • It can produce ridge with maximum width of 1000 mm.
  • Available in 2 bottoms & 4 bottoms to make one ridge & two ridge respectively.
  • Disc Ridger consists of heavy duty tubular box frame, hitch system and disc. It is used for making irrigation banks of up to 500-600 mm height and 600-800 mm width for effective control of flood irrigation of bunds of the size and shape to match crop and soil and soil conditions. The disc is adjustable along the frame to very bund width and height. Even the disc angle is adjustable.
  • • The disc blades are made after the heat treatment in the material of 65Mn  spring steel.
  • •There two series of this disc ridger. Two discs and four discs respectively. You can choose the nos of disc tomeet your need.

Product Specification

Model Name/NumberDisc Ridger
Product TypeDisc Ridger
ColorFrame- Orange Disc- Black
Packaging TypeJute Bags
I Deal InNew Only
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity5

Prices of Tractor Ridger


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