Tractor With Bucket

Renae Runs With Us. Never heard of her? It’s probably because she’s not an influencer. She’s more of a groundbreaker. Her 1025R has all the implements she needs to reshape her 4 acre piece of land. From the AutoConnect™ Drive Over mower deck that attaches from the comfort of her seat to the new Self-Leveling Loader, the 1 Series is built to make a hard day’s work feel downright easy.The Blue Diamond tractor bucket is a heavy duty upgrade from most OEM buckets. This bucket features a solid top cross tube to prevent crushing and a rolled back for strength and ease of clean out. It is constructed with 10 gauge material for the sides, back, and bottom. The bottom of the bucket is protected with four wear bars and a 3/4” x 6” cutting edge.    Euro/Global Mount also available.

Uses/benefits of Tractor With Bucket

1. main parts such as engine, gearbox, tyre, clutch, bearing etc use famous brand.
2. we are located in China tractor manufacturing center.
3. we have various tractor models for optional for different countries.
4. we have 20 years export experience.
5. we have both old and new tractors for export.
6. We have CE/ISO certificate.

Features of Tractor With Bucket

1.Adopt Zhejiang Xinchai diesel engines.better reliability,more back coefficient for torsion.
2.10 inch clutch with double actions.
3.Gear-box shows 4X(2+1),namely 8 forwards,4 returns,exchange in joggle;
4.Driving force output device with postposition,peaceful and stable transmission,stronger bear the weight of loading.
5.Adopt front-wheel turning with full liquid-pressure and independent oil way,turn agilely,reliably,power-saving;
6.Adopt tray-style arrester,stronger brake moment,reliable brake;
7.Adopt semi-separation lifter,plough depth control way is force adjusting,place adjusting,force and place both adjusting.
8.The final driving is planet-gear style,smaller volume,bigger decelerating ratio;
9.Installed adjustable chair with elasticity and shock absorption,comfortable driving.
10.The whole tractor is beautiful,taste,modern,fashion.


enginefour cylinder, 30hpfour cylinder, 35hpfour cylinder, 40hpfour cylinder, 45hpfour cylinder,50hpfour cylinder,60hp
wheel base(mm)120012001980198019801985
max traction(kn)7.681010.511.512
overall size3350*1200*20003400*1200*20003300*1600*23003300*1600*23003500*1600*24003670*1620*2450
PTO Spline no.666666
PTO Speed540/720540/720540/720540/720540/720540/720
steering systemhydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulic
hydraulic output2 ways2 ways2 ways2 ways2 ways2 ways

Prices of Tractor With Bucket


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