Trocar And Cannula Use In Cattle Sometimes cattle on lush fall pastures bloat under certain conditions. You may need to remove them from the pasture, but don’t round them up too quickly. They may bloat more readily from movement and jostling of the rumen. If you have to open up the rumen with a trocar, you can pour the mineral oil in through the trocar cannula. If it’s frothy bloat, foam may plug your stomach tube or trocar cannula. Make sure the gas is still coming through. You may have to wiggle and blow on the tube to clear it. With a trocar, the cannula stays in and you can push the trocar back through it to remove the blockage, explains Carl Dahlen, beef specialist with North Dakota State University. When we move cattle into risky pastures, there will be some that bloat right away, but usually the greatest proportion will occur a couple days after they were put in, warns Carl Dahlen, beef specialist with North Dakota State University. Many people think the first few hours are the most crucial, and that cattle will be fine if they don’t bloat that first day. However, they can still bloat several days later. The telltale sign is a distended rumen bulging upward on the animal’s left side. If the animal is not in immediate danger of suffocating, use a stomach tube to let out gas and put in something to break up froth. This is the least invasive treatment. If a stomach tube is not available, a garden hose works. Just cut the metal end off. If you are putting it down her throat, use something to keep her jaws apart so she doesn’t chew your hose in two. Ideally, use a speculum that you can thread the stomach tube or garden hose through, so she is chewing on that solid object rather than the hose itself.


Trocar and cannula have been used for many years for the emergency release of rumen contents and gas in bloat. The anatomical location for incision of skin by trocar and canula is that at flank of cattle behind of last rib.


  • Help release gas in rumen
  • Plastic handle
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Exported quality
  • Essential for livestock keeper


Brand NameRongZhan
Fabric Typestainless steel,plastic
Materialstainless steel,plastic
Material Compositionstainless steel,plastic
Model NumberRongZhan
Part NumberRongZhan
UNSPSC Code24100000


$12.24 – $56.24

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