Red Plastic Corkscrew Trocar to relieve bloating in cattle & sheep & Goats, Leave the hollow cannula in after point is removed to allow gas to escape. Puncturing the rumen with the standard trocar and cannula is much less traumatic than an emergency rumenotomy and has been used by livestock producers and veterinarians for the emergency release of froth and gas in bloat. The standard-sized trocar and cannula are adequate for the release of gas when the gas cannot be expelled with a stomach tube and when an emergency rumenotomy is not necessary. A small skin incision about 1 cm long must be made before the trocar can be inserted through the abdominal wall in the middle of the left paralumbar fossa After inserting the trocar and cannula into the rumen, remove the trocar and leave the cannula in place, allowing the froth or gas to escape


A plastic trocar is installed in a bloating calf. If it’s a choice between cutting into her rumen or letting her die, most people will open it up and take their chances on possible infection. “If you have to open up the rumen with a trocar, you can pour the mineral oil in through the trocar cannula.


  • AAProTools Trocar Cannula Veterinary Equipment Surgical Instruments Equine Cattle
  • Short Name: Trocar Cattle Metal Handle
  • Uses: Trocars Farm & Ranch
  • AAProTools Products Offer A Handmade Touch To Each Instrument
  • Excellent Quality As In The Picture
  • This is the self-retaining bloat trocar used in chronic bloats
  • Make a small 3/4-Inch incision in hide
  • Screw the trocar into position
  • After insertion the rumen should be pulled up close to the peritoneum by placing a few wraps of gauze between the trocar plate and hide


Item model number‎J0040F
Product Dimensions‎2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm; 45.36 Grams


$17.38 – $42.14

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