Tru-Test’s range of durable weigh scales has earned a global reputation for the fastest and most accurate weight capture technology. All Tru-Test weigh scales feature Superdamp™ technology, unique to Tru-Test, to record accurate weights quickly, even with the liveliest animals. Within seconds our weigh scales lock on a weight, and a bright stable light lets you know it’s ready to be recorded. An auto zero function also ensures any accumulation of animal dirt or manure is zeroed after the animal leaves the scale. The range is designed to suit a variety of situations so you only get the technology you need. Suitable for cattle, sheep, deer, horses and goats and compatible with all Tru-Test load bars.

With the addition of our new Datamars Livestock cloud software (available for free with your Tru-Test weigh scale), it’s now even easier to turn your weighing data into simple, clear valuable insights that help you make your decisions. Weighing replaces guess-work with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers. The information provided by Tru-Test weigh scales assists critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd size management. With our new Datamars Livestock Cloud software (available for free with your Tru-Test weigh scale), it’s now even easier to turn your weighing data into simple, clear valuable insights that help you make your decisions We believe we can always do better. It starts in our laboratory, AKA paddocks, sheds and stockyards. It’s the only place equipment can be developed that truly helps you track progress for better decision making. By listening and observing we figure out what will really make a difference. It’s also here we test each product’s worthiness to make sure it delivers. Every inch is tested, in the harshest conditions and by the people who use the gear. For us it’s a partnership, and these partnerships are at the heart of our business – from design through to working out which product is best for your needs, and then making sure it works how you need it to.

Features of Tru Test Cattle Scales:

  • MP800 Load Bars are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum for ultimate resistance to corrosion.
  • The zinc plated, gold passivated load bar housing provides additional corrosion resistance.
  • Sealed load cells protect against moisture damage, allowing the load bars to remain outside.
  • The MP800 Load Bars have a total capacity of 6,600 pounds, with a live capacity of 4,400 pounds.
  • These load bars can be used with any Tru-Test weigh scale without calibration.
  • The MP800 Load Bars are versatile and can be temporarily installed and easily transported between different weighing sites.
  • MP800 Load Bars are easy to set up. They simply require a firm level surface and a rigid crate or platform.
  • This product features a 2 year warranty.

Uses/benefits of Tru Test Cattle Scales :

Ensure livestock are sold at the optimum weight grade – closely manage the weight gains of individual animals or mobs and tailor your feed and treatment inputs as required.

Minimise treatment waste – more accurately calculate drench/pour-on dosage based on the requirements of the individual animal to minimise treatment waste while also maximising the health of your livestock.

Monitor reproductive performance – closely monitoring the weight gain of offspring can help make breeding decisions to maximise reproductive performance.

Identify sick or lame animals early – regular weighing of individual animals means weight loss and other issues that manifest over time are identified quickly.

Specification of Tru Test Cattle Scales:

LS12121.2*1.23t1) Mild-steel structure, powder coated finishing
2) 5mm thick checker top plate platform
3) 5# angle iron for the barriers, of which the inside is made of 20x50x1.5 mm rectangle pipe, 20cm per block.
4) With Stainless steel junction box, and 5m cable.
5) With OIML approved shear beam load cells.
6) Any other size can be customized

Prices of Tru Test Cattle Scales:


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