Y-Tex Y-tags are a one-piece ear tag. Designed with a Surgi-Tip tag tip, a unique four-sided tip for precise piercing, faster healing and improved retention. The tags are made of an advanced polyurethane formula and are engineered to prevent cracking, remain flexible and provide excellent longevity. Longer neck for greater visibility and ultraviolet inhibitors to resist fading. Specifications: Cow size: printable area of 2-3/4” x 2”. Calf size: printable area of 2-1/8” x 1-1/2”. Y-Tags can be applied with the Y-Tags Applicator or many other popular one-piece tag applicators. Instructions for Use: Restrain cattle in chute. For larger cattle, you may want to use a halter, nose lead or rope to help restrain and keep their heads from moving.

For calves, simply lay them on their side on the ground and place your knee over their neck to restrain. Disinfect the ear on the area of application. Using the Y-Tex Applicator, place the ear in the tagging system. The tag should be placed in the middle third of the ear. Avoid major ear veins while applying the ear tag. Disinfect the tagger between each use. Y-Tags feature the exclusive Surgi-Tip™ tag tip– a unique four-sided tip design for a precise incision, faster healing, and improved retention. Cow tags have a printable area of 2 3/4” x 2”, and are available blank or pre-numbered, or they can be custom printed with any text, logos, or numbers using 100% PureLaser™ permanent imprinting.Y-Tags can be applied with the Y-Tags applicator or many other popular one-piece tag applicators.

Uses/benefits of Turquoise Cattle Ear Tags:

  • Z Tags
  • No Snag Tag
  • Superior Retention
  • Outstanding Readability
  • Easy Application
  • No more torn ears
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Turquoise Blank CalfTag

Features of Turquoise Cattle Ear Tags:

1. Ear tags is applied in breeding population, epidemic prevention and control, meat quarantine,All the field of information management for animals and livestocks.

2. The ear tags is marked by laser engraving, has never decolorization effect.

3. Imported material can be cold antifreeze heat.(TPU material), ear plate and ear tag clamp used together

4. high quality stud earrings, not easy to loose, no corrosion, never rust

5. Bold font, more eye-catching easy to distinguish

6. The livestock identification tags for pig is 100 sets/bag, the default number 001-100 number, divided into orange, green, yellow.


Brand NameYuedun
Model NumberYDES002
Application industryFarm
Printing typeLaser marking
Applicationsheep, lamb,cattle,goat,milk cow,etc
Packing100pcs/plastic bag, 25 plastic bags/carton
Marking contentsserial number,letter,barcode,etc

Prices of Turquoise Cattle Ear Tags:

$34.50 – $74.11

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