Ultrasound Machine For Sheep: The only transducers (or probes) you should consider for goat pregnancy scanning are convex or microconvex. Which you pick depends on the type of goats you breed, and your prior scanning experience. For lean and dwarf breeds, the microconvex probe is definitely the best choice because its higher frequencies deliver superior resolution. I’ve scanned Saanens and Toggenburgs with a microconvex and not had any issues with penetration. It is also easier to achieve good skin contact with a smaller transducer. For very large or bulky breeds, the convex may be a safer option, because it delivers better penetration. This is because it emits lower frequency ultrasound, and lower frequency sound penetrates further. If you have been scanning for a while already and initially started on a machine equipped with a large convex probe, you may find the feel of the microconvex very unfamiliar and difficult to adjust to. You may also miss the slightly wider field of view that the large convex gives. If you know you are already accustomed to a larger probe, think carefully about whether you will be able to comfortably adapt to a smaller footprint.


With Ovi-Scan you can determine the number of lambs a ewe is carrying. You then can adjust her nutritional intake accordingly. You will help improve future fertility rates, reproduction rates, and the health of the lambs. You will see a larger and deeper view.


  • Portable Veterinary B Ultrasound Diagnostic System with 10.1 Inch LCD Screen.
  • Perfect for large animals such as horse, goat, cow, sheep and pig.
  • One 3.5 MHz convex / abdominal probe C3.5-80R60-A16A (2.0 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 5.0 MHz). The center frequency is 3.5 MHz mainly applied to in vitro diagnostics of animals.
  • Simple and easy image management function, can be printed and output.
  • It can be connected with video printer, inkjet printer, laser printer. Interface: USB, video, VGA.


UNSPSC Code60100000
Brand nameCONTEC
Model numberCMS600P2VET


 $2,000 – $50,000

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