Continuous Flow Grain this type of dryer the air flow is generally perpendicular to the grain flow. The grain flows by gravity down a 10 to 16″ column as the heated air blows across the grain column. The energy efficiency is a function of the plenum air temperature and the air flow rate with the highest efficiency occurring at high plenum temperatures and low air flow rates.

In practice high efficiency is not achieved due to grain quality issues. The lower the air flow rate the higher the grain moisture content difference between the grain kernels on the inside versus the outside of the column. Many manufacturers have developed methods to mix the grain as it flows down the column to lessen the moisture variation at the dryer discharge.


Drying is one of the crucial steps in food processing and preservation. It is the means of providing grain at optimum moisture content for processing, such as rice milling and wheat milling processes, as well as rendering grain moisture content at stage where moisture is unavailable for mould growth. In preserving grain without deterioration, drying is the cheapest among other methods, ie, chemical application and controlled atmosphere storage. Drying methods and operation are rather specific for each kind of grain and its use. Skilled operators are often required for the drying operation.


Recirculatory Batch Dryer (PHTC type)

Tray Dryer

Drum Dryer

Fluidized Bed Dryer

Spray Dryers

Freeze Dryers


1. The dry speed is fast.

2. The finished products is ball granule with uniform size. Its fluidity and solubility are good.

3. The applied scope is wide.

4. Its operation is simple and stable and its control is simple and convenient and is easy to realize automatic operation.


Model numberDW-1.6-10
NameMesh-Belt Dryer
Bandwidth m1.6
Drying section length m10
Steam consumption kg/h180-500
Operating temperature °C60~130
Vapor pressure Mpa0.2~0.8


 $1,000.00 – $80,000.00

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