Used Gravely Walk Behind

Gravely Walk Behind is a great choice for those who are looking for a walk-behind mower that is durable and easy-to-use. The Gravely Walk Behind is designed with high-quality components, which makes it last longer than other models on the market today. This mower can be used on both commercial and residential properties, making it ideal for any lawn care business or homeowner who wants to maintain his or her lawn without spending too much money.

The Gravely Walk Behind is a great choice for small gardens and yards, but it’s also perfect for large properties where you need to cover a lot of ground. The Gravely Walk Behind features an easy-to-use foot pedal, which makes it easy to control the speed of the machine. This model also features a powerful 190cc engine and hydrostatic transmission, so you can tackle even the toughest jobs.

The Gravely walk-behind mower is a great option for anyone who wants to get the job done fast, and with ease. This machine has a powerful engine, which will allow you to easily cut through even the toughest grass. The Gravely walk behind mower also features a variable speed transmission, which allows you to choose between three speeds depending on how thick or long your grass is. The Gravely walk-behind mower also has an easy starting system, so you can start mowing right away without any hassle. If you have never used this type of machine before, there’s no need to worry because the machine is very user-friendly and easy to maneuver around tight corners and obstacles in your yard or garden.

Used Gravely Walk Behind

Before you buy a used Gravely walk behind tractor, you need to know what to look for. There are many factors to consider, including the Reliability of the machine, price, type, and resale value. Read on for more information! There are plenty of used Gravely walk-behind tractors for sale! So how do you find one that suits your needs? Keep reading for tips! The used Gravely walk-behind tractor is a good option if you are looking to get an affordable machine that is in good condition.


The first step in finding a used Gravely Walk Behind tractor is to determine its reliability. A used tractor with a low mileage will have been taken care of by a reputable dealer. Gravely Walk Behind tractors are known for being reliable and durable, which is why so many businesses choose them. These tractors are great for large jobs because of their versatility and sturdy platforms. They also come with a variety of attachments that can make your work easier.

A used Gravely Walk Behind tractor with a 3-point hitch was a popular choice for farmers in the 1930s and 1940s. While it has since undergone some changes, it remains a reliable tractor with the typical Gravely styling. The tractor was designed to perform heavy farming duties and had a comfortable platform for easy towing. The Gravely tractor was a good option for families who need a versatile tractor that is easy to maintain.

Another reliable used Gravely Walk Behind is the vintage model. This machine comes with a powerful four-cycle engine that cuts tall grass. The deck size is 18′ in diameter, which makes it ideal for trimming around trees. This lawnmower also comes with a rear-wheel drive system that allows it to cut large areas of land. The Gravely Walk Behind is easy to maintain and is reliable in tough conditions.

Gravely Walk Behind tractors have excellent reliability ratings. The rotary plow attachment on these tractors is made by Wico. The tractor also has dual wheels, a quick hitch snowblower attachment, and a disassembled clutch. The Gravely L is the most common model in the United States today. With its impressive versatility, a Gravely Walk Behind can be an ideal tool for your business.


The average landscaper puts thousands of miles on a zero-turn mower each year. This would be the equivalent of mowing across the country. The Gravely is built to go the distance. A used Gravely tractor can last for years if properly maintained. The price of a used Gravely walk-behind tractor is relatively affordable. However, the resale value is low, so you’ll likely need to repair it yourself. If you do decide to buy a used machine, the serial number is likely to be on it.

The Gravely walk-behind tractor has become a favorite among farmers, landscapers and homeowners for years. These models come in different sizes and designs, and are great for both residential and commercial use. Because they’re built with simplicity in mind, they’re easy to operate and are often in excellent condition. The Gravely walk-behind tractor can handle all sorts of tasks, from clearing brush and mowing lawns to mowing golf courses.

There are several reasons to consider a used Gravely walk-behind tractor. They’re known for their durability, so they’re perfect for mowing lawns. Gravely also made some of the best riding tractors. Those models were available from 1916 to 19? and came with overhead valve heads. Other features of the Gravely walk-behind tractor include a two-speed transmission and eight-lead worm. A few models have steering sulkys and chassis extensions.


If you need to maintain a cemetery, Gravely walk-behind tractors are an excellent choice. Their rotary plow design and backhoe attachments make it easy to move from one section to another. They also come in a variety of models, including the electric start model. If you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby, you can use the tractor’s battery to power the mower deck.

The Gravely 8000 series walk-behind tractor is built to take on tough jobs. The tractor is designed for tough conditions and is highly versatile. The tractor’s hydrostatic transmission gives the operator control over the speed and gears, making it easy to handle a variety of different jobs. The 8000 series can handle a variety of tasks, from clearing brush to mowing lawns. There are a variety of features available in these tractors, including adjustable seats, and an automatic transmission.

The Gravely Pro-Walk 32GR is the most versatile machine in the line. It features a 32-inch cutting deck and a Kawasaki FS481V engine. Its peerless gear drive transmission offers up to 5.4 mph. Those who want to mow their lawns often will want to invest in a Gravely walk-behind tractor. They offer precision cutting, as well as easy maneuverability.

When choosing between different Gravely walk-behind tractors, consider the size of the job. These tractors are suitable for smaller jobs because of their compact platform and room for small cargo. The Gravely brand is renowned for its quality and durability, and their lineup included 38 models at one time. Today, the lineup includes eighty different attachments. They are also easy to maintain. This makes them an excellent choice for residential lawn care.

The company started in the 1930s as a manufacturer of heavy-duty riding tractors and soon began making walk-behind tractors. The company began its manufacturing business as an engine build contractor for the Bull Tractor Company. It has since fought hard to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers. These machines offer convenience and reliability for a long time. If you’re planning on buying one for your property, you should check out the Gravely Pro-Walk Hydro model.

Resale value

If you’re a farmer and you need a tractor for smaller jobs, a Gravely walk-behind is a great choice. Its solid platform is great for mowing, and it can also haul small cargo. The Gravely brand is known for its quality, and in the 1970s, the company sold 38 different models. They later expanded their lineup to include 80 different attachments.

The Gravely brand was famous for making high-quality riding tractors. The Gravely walk-behind tractor was built from 1916 to the early 1970s, and it has an impressive list of attachments. The three-point hitch system and overhead valve head made it a powerful, versatile machine. In addition to heavy-duty farming tasks, the Gravely walk-behind tractor can tow a small load and is easy to operate.

Gravely built walk-behind tractors in different models, including all-gear, two-wheel, and more. These tractors were suited for both residential and commercial use, and many people still use them today. The Gravely walk-behind tractor is very versatile, with a hydrostatic transmission system, so the operator can control the speed and change gears as needed. You can also adjust the seat, which makes it easy to work in uneven terrain.

There are two types of serial numbers on Gravely tractor models. The first one is called Power vs Drudgery and describes the entire product line as of the date of publication. The second version of the model is called 6.6 HP and was cosmetically updated in 1963. The 6.6 HP Model L is the later version. Its serial number is riveted on the engine adaptor plate. This number is often found on the seat pan support bracket, right-hand instrument panel brace, or engine adaptor plate.

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