Vacuum Pump For Goat Milking Machine Reinforced Vacuum Pulsation in order to prevent damage or pain to the nipple due to the continuous vacuum, the pulsation system will cause the pads of the nipple to collapse on and under the nipple, about once every second, to massage the nipple and maintain normal blood flow. Provide a comfortable and soft milking experience for your goats.days.

Automatically Stop When the barrel is filled with milk, the milking machine stops automatically to protect the host and avoid sucking milk because the milk bucket is full Milk, causing damage to the host, causing the host to enter the host. The service life of the machine has been extended three times. Double Control Milk Stop Valve Close the valve when finishes after sucking on one side, and continue sucking on the other side.The milk machine is equipped with a high-power adjustable speed host, with an adjustable power switch, which can adjust the power according to the thickness of cow’s and sheep’s milk eyes, protect the breast,it has a certain buffering effect on the breast. and have exhaust holes to facilitate the heat dissipation of the host machine.

Health & Safety The motor draws air from the milk storage tank through the air suction pipe. It does not directly touch the cow and goat milk and will not pollute the cow and goat milk. Each part of the electric pulsation milking machine was selected the high standard materials, food-grade Silicone Hose, Teat cup liner and Milk Container, Healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Efficient & Convenient The pulse period is 40 to 46 times per minute. The use of the electric milking machine can save labor and time, work more efficiently and more conveniently. The short working time also avoids the animals’ anger and irritability during work. The professional design makes it easy to install and operate, and anyone can use it easily.

Uses/benefits of Vacuum Pump For Goat Milking Machine:

  •  This milker is specially designed for the goat or cow. It doesn’t hurt the teat of your goat or cow. This set is equipped with two suction heads with the plastic shell, safe and convenient to use.
  • – Food Safety Level Plastic. The rugged material is lighter than stainless steel and is more convenient to use.
  • – This cow and goat milking machine has been mounted with the simple and easy piston pump for both operation and maintenance.
  • – The product is equipped with high power adjustable speed vacuum pump, adjustable power switch, can adjust power according to different thickness of cow’s and sheep’s milk eye, protect breast.
  • – With vent hole, easy to heat the main engine.
  • High quality and portable.
  • This product is produced with reference to advanced technology, specially designed for the milking machine.
  • It is suitable for the mechanized milking of dairy households, dairy farms and large and medium-sized centralized milking stations.
  • Soft and thorough milking, high milk output, ensuring the quality of fresh milk.
  • Economy, health and convenient maintenance.

Features of Vacuum Pump For Goat Milking Machine:

  • Wide Applications- VONZOER cow milking machine adopts advanced technology, it is suitable for the mechanized milking of dairy households, dairy farms and large and medium-sized centralized milking stations.
  • Premium Material- Aluminum alloy casing is strong and durable, it helps to dissipate heat. By using the pure copper line in the motor, which makes it a longer service life.
  • Great Performance- The Sucking rate is up to 250 L/min, the max rotate speed is up to 1440 r/min; Soft and thorough milking, high milk output, ensuring the quality of fresh milk; Food-grade vacuum milking pump can ensure the quality of fresh milk, safety and health.
  • Warm Note- Must use the specialized lubricating oil for vacuum pump; This milking pump should be equipped with a motor, so you should prepare it by yourself; This pump forbid reverse turn.
  • Service Guarantee- Our products are shipped from US warehouses, we will ship your order asap through logistics such as UPS/USPS/FedEx. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve your problem within 24 hours.
  • High utmost vacuum , it can be less than 0.5mbar
  • High deflating speed
  • Low noise while working, lower than 67db
  • Strong capacity in deflating the vapor
  • Protecting environment; an oil fog clearer is set in the vacuum pump, and no oil fog in the exhaust air
  • Compact structure, scientific and reasonable design, and it is easy to install in the industry system Application Range of Single-stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump:

Specification of Vacuum Pump For Goat Milking Machine:

ModelPump speed(m3/h)Ultimate vacuum(Pa)Motor Power(KW)Inlet Diam (inch)Rotary speed(rpm)Oil Capacity(L)G.W(kg)NoisedB (A)Dimensions(mm)

Prices of Vacuum Pump For Goat Milking Machine:

 $185.99 – $1,000.00

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