Veniards’ was started by Ernest and Frank Veniard in 1923. It all began with them collecting feathers from local poultry markets to decorate hat mounts and brooches… from here they progressed into fly tying! This business has developed in recent years by the introduction of synthetic materials, genetic hackles and specially designed fly tying tools. Today Veniards’ is one of the finest top fly tying suppliers in the world.Veniard are a principal supplier of Fly Tying Materials in the UK, providing a wide variety of brand names such as Uni, Bug Bond, Eumer, Frankie McPhillips, Kamasan fly tying hooks, Whiting, Stonfo, and Marc Petitjean as well as a huge selection of quality Veniad own name tying products including furs, feathers, threads, tinsels, dubbing and synthetic flash materials

Uses/benefits of Veniard Fly Tying Materials:

*Sink fast deep, Tungsten Beads of shiny and and the best finish.

* Hole in the beads allows the beads easily and smoothly to
slide around the hook bend. Top quality 100% satisfaction.

* Colors :Plain,plated colors,painted colors and metallic colors are avaialble.

* Size info :For example 3/32”(2.5mm) for hook size14#, 16#, 18# ; 7/64”(3.0mm) for hook size 12#, 14#, 16#; 1/
8”(3.5mm) for hook size 10#, 12#, 14#; 5/32’’(4.0mm) for hook size8# ,10# ,12#; 7/32” (5.00 mm) for hook size 4#, 6#,8# .

Features of Veniard Fly Tying Materials:

Veniard Fly Tying Materials beads made of high-specific gravity tungsten alloys sink faster in water, have higher sensitivity, smaller volume, have better far ability, focus on the center of gravity, and make the action of soft worms more vivid. The selected high-specific gravity tungsten alloy material has a small volume and a better effect, which meets environmental protection requirements. Size :2.0mm,2.3mm,2.5mm,2.8mm,3.0mm,3.3mm,3.5mm,3.8mm,4.0mm,4.6mm
Colors include pure color, golden, silver,copper, black nickel, black, white, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink. This is a synthetic material that is flexible and brittle when dry, but after moistening it becomes perfectly pliable, even more translucent and it makes all manner of useful things on flies: stretched as a shell back over a beetle or a nymph thorax; or tied in as a wing – upright or sloping back. It can be coloured with a marker pen and easily trimmed to shape.


Beads sizeHook size

Prices of Veniard Fly Tying Materials:

$36.49 – $96.49

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