Vermicompost 50 Kg Vermicompost is made by breaking down the organic material through the use of worms. Vermicompost improves biological, chemical, and physical properties of the soil. The worms break down soil and organic matter, so the nutrients are immediately available to plants.

Vermicompost enhances plant growth, suppresses disease in plants, increases porosity and microbial activity in soil, and improves water retention and aeration. Vermicompost contains all micro and macro elements which soil requires as well as  NFB- Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria.

You can say vermicompost is the complete food for the soil. For the enhancement of our vermicompost we are using high quality breed of earthworms i.e Australian breed – Eisenia Fatida or red wiggler tiger worm.

Uses/benefits of Vermicompost 50 Kg

  • Improves plants quality and shelf life
  • Improves soil structure & water holding capacity
  • It contains enough Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium
  • It enhances the process of decomposition & prevents nutrient losses
  • 16 out of 18 Important nutrients are available in Vermi Compost and it is 100% natural

Features of Vermicompost 50 Kg

  • Vermicompost produced are naturally very nutritious and can help to provide benefits to plant in various ways. It helps in the all-round development of plants.
  • Not only does the size and number of flowers per plant increase upon application of Garden Gold vermicompost but the number of fruits increases substantially by the regular application.
  • Plants show healthy growth as the plant’s immunity towards toxic materials is increased exponentially along with the capacity of the soil to retain water.
  • In the long run, your plants and soil get enriched in a healthy and natural way.
  • Improves soil physical structure.
  • Helps multiplication of microbes and maintain normal soil pH.
  • As particle size is very small, so plants can absorb very easily.
  • Contains almost all essential nutrients and hormones for plants growth.
  • Improves the water holding capacity of a soil.
  • You gain satisfaction with a colorful garden and by giving your contribution to protecting Mother Earth by adopting an organic method of gardening!!!.
  • The Plants remain evergreen.
  • It gives the plants protection again diseases.
  • It removes all Kinds of deficiency in the plants.

Product Specification:

Brandeisenia fetida
Pack Size50 kg
Pack Typepacket
Release TypeControlled
Cleaning AgentNo
Minimum Order Quantity20 Piece

Prices of Vermicompost 50 Kg

$168.00-$359.00/ Ton

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