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Our brand new nurses section is crammed to the brim with nursing related products and gifts. Our aim is to be able to offer nurses the very best selection of products that we can. We deal directly with all main manufacturers such as 3M Littmann, Prestige, Keeler, ChoiceMMed and many more. By dealing direct we can pass on any saving to make sure you get the best equipment, at the best possible prices.


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Types and features of Vet Nurse Equipment

  1. Clippers or clean curved scissors – to clip the hair from the venipuncture site (usually the cephalic vein). A pair of scissors should also be available to cut lengths of tape and bandage (this blunts them so do not use the same pair as those used for clipping hair!).
  2. Antiseptic solution – to clean the site prior to venipuncture. This should be contained within a suitable receptacle such as a medium-sized kidney dish. Chlorhexidine (Hibiscrub) or povidone iodine (Pevidine) are suitable.
  3. Lint free swabs or cotton wool – to apply the antiseptic solution. Cotton wool may leave fibres, so swabs are preferable.
  4. 70% Alcohol solution such as Industrial Methylated Spirit – applied to the skin following the antiseptic solution to provide residual bactericidal activity. Contamination is best avoided by direct application from a plastic bottle.
    Note: Care not to soak tiny patients due to heat loss on evaporation of alcohol solution.
  5. Sterile catheter – inserted into the vein to allow administration of the induction agent. It should be of a suitable gauge for the patient. An over-the-needle catheter or butterfly scalp vein set are ideal, but a normal injection needle can be utilised. A scalpel blade (size 10 or 15) is necessary to expose the vein if a scalp set is used
  6. Heat pad.
  7. Emergency kit.
  8. Pulseoximeter.
  9. ECG machine.

Prices of Vet Nurse Equipment


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