Veterinary Dental Equipment

Dental health is important for general patient welfare. Dental treatment is a potential high volume procedure, with good income possibilities. It’s worth investing in a good dental machine and scaling system, as it will earn its keep. Dental radiography is also gaining popularity. We stock a good range of dental hand instruments for dogs and cats along with a range for rabbits and small furries. They can all be found in this section. If you cannot see what you are looking for, please call us.


If you€™re a veterinarian in practice and you re interested in increasing your ability to deliver dental treatment to your patients, you will find the information in Small Animal Dental Equipment, Materials, and Techniques: A Primer invaluable. The author has gone back to basics to fill in the gap between limited and advanced veterinary dental services. This book will show you how to establish an efficient dental operatory and perform many of the day-to-day techniques required to raise your level of dental services. The goal of this book is to educate veterinarians and veterinary technicians on the philosophy and means of integrating dental health practices into the everyday life of their patients. The author also explains how to choose dental equipment and materials as well as how to perform basic and intermediate dental procedures based on examination finding. Coverage includes the materials, equipment, and techniques that veterinarians have found most valuable

Features of Veterinary Dental Equipment

The second edition of Small Animal Dental Equipment, Materials, and Techniques has been revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in veterinary dental practice. Taking a highly practical approach, the book details how to create an efficient dental operatory. It thoroughly explains how to perform the day-to-day techniques required to provide high-quality dental services, as well as exposing readers to more advanced procedures.??

This important resource offers a guide to incorporating dental services into a small animal general practice, including how to choose the right dental equipment and materials, and offers clear explanations of basic, intermediate, and advanced dental techniques. The book puts the focus on the information most relevant for everyday practice.

Uses/benefits of Veterinary Dental Equipment

  • Provides a comprehensive resource for integrating dental services into veterinary practice
  • Offers valuable advice on selecting dental equipment and materials
  • Presents clear descriptions for a range of dental terms and techniques
  • Includes a wealth of new images
  • Highlights dental information applicable to general practice

Written for small animal general practitioners, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants, this text provides a broad knowledge base for the dental treatment of small animals.

Prices of Veterinary Dental Equipment

$683.00-$693.00/ Piece

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