Veterinary Dental X Ray Machine

Intra-oral radiographs are an important diagnostic tool any Veterinarian. Diagnostic Imaging Systems has the latest Digital Dental X-ray Systems available. The Digital Dental X-ray systems offered by DIS are more accurate than film-based systems and are faster and easier to use. There is no more wasting time with chemicals and film developing, your images are able to be viewed immediately.

Features of Veterinary Dental X Ray Machine

1. The table length can be 1.2 m or 1.4 m

2. The urinary trough of the table is optional according to needs

3. The 4 corners of the table is optional(angle R5-50)

4. The logo of the table can be customized with stainless steel stickers or screen printing; the stickers can be beautified and pasted by customers themselves.

5. Movable casters are optional

6. X-ray tube is optional (imported or Chinese brands)

7. Flat panel detector is optional (multi-brands)


Power supplySingle-phase/220V 50/60HZ
(wire diameter>4mm², internal resistance<0.5Ω)
mA10~320 mA
mAS1~320Mas, stepping by R’10
Exposure time0.003~6.3S adjustment: Increased/reduced by 1mS each time
Anode rotating speed/Anode heat capacity2800prm/140kHU
Generator frequency400kHz
Radiography table(W*L cm)Width: 70cm, length: 140/120cm (either) urinary trough can be equipped with
Imaging area17*17 inches (or 14*17 inches)
Pixel size140um
A/D conversion16bits

Prices of Veterinary Dental X Ray Machine

$6,998.00-$12,999.00/ Set

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