Veterinary Laser Therapy Machine

Laser therapy has become increasingly popular in small animal practice and has many benefits to the patient—including reduced inflammation, faster tissue healing, and less pain—and can be used in a wide variety of conditions including wounds, sprains, and fractures. Aimed at the first opinion vet, this very practical book covers the most important aspects of laser use in the practice environment.

Information covered includes: how lasers work on tissue; how to use them in different scenarios; how to maximise results; how to use them on different conditions including soft tissue, musculoskeletal and neurological; how to integrate lasers with other therapies; when not to use lasers or use with caution; how to choose the equipment and implement it in the practice environment and promote the treatment to clients. 


Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy results are achieved when a sufficient dose of light energy reaches target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing. Companion’s patented delivery system and detailed, species-specific protocols provide answers to dosing challenges that result in the best outcomes – every time.  Superior outcomes are easily achieved on a wide variety of conditions, making the return on investment for a therapy laser better than any other piece of capital equipment in veterinary practice.  Get your return on investment consultation today.

Introducing the M-Vet – the new generation ASA Class 4 laser for superior therapy. With an amazing 270w peak power and yet no build-up of heat in tissue, the M-Vet brings pain and inflammation relief faster and more effectively to your patients.

Features of Veterinary Laser Therapy Machine

Hand piece with optical group composed of 1 MLS® source – power up to 1.1 W – Peak Power 25 W

Target Area Ø 2 cm highlighted by high-efficiency red light LEDs

High resolution LCD color touch screen user interface

18 pre-settled programs for Dogs and Cats

Simultaneous management of two independent channels

21 pre-settled programs for Equine

Possibility to customize every treatment parameter

Personal Area to save custom protocols

MLS® modulation in CPW and FPW mode (Synchronized emission of Continuous Pulsed Waves and Frequenced Pulsed Waves)

Modulation frequency from 1 to 2000 Hz with 1 Hz steps

Power level 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%

Fixed duty cycle at 50% or variable

Treatment duration from 1” to 99’59” with 1” steps

Automatic calculation of the emitted energy according to the settled parameters

Uses/benefits of Veterinary Laser Therapy Machine

Laser therapy provides you with a versatile, technician-driven tool that is a trustworthy adjunct to existing treatments – and can generate clinical victories on hard-to-treat-conditions where pain and inflammation are present.   Treatments are non-invasive, drug and surgery-free and can be administered in 1-10 minutes.  Clients enjoy being involved with their pet’s treatment as they see their loved one quickly relax as their pain is soothed away. 

There is a vast body of research supporting the effects of photobiomodulation (PBM).  For PBM to occur, a therapeutic dose of light is delivered to impaired or dysfunctional tissue, which leads to a cellular response mediated by mitochondrial mechanisms that reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing.1  There are a number of factors that can help maximize the amount of light that reaches target tissue, including:  proper wavelength selection, sufficient laser power, reducing reflection off the skin, and minimizing absorption by molecules not involved in photobiomodulation.

Product Specification

Model Name/NumberASA Laser
Usage/ApplicationPain Relief
BrandMphi Laser
MaterialMild Steel
FeaturesLarge LCD Graphical Display Advanced Software With 60 Programme
Minimum Order Quantity1

Prices of Veterinary Laser Therapy Machine

$1,899.00-$2,199.00/ Set

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