Veterinary Medical Equipment

A vet’s career is very specialised, requiring specific equipment and instruments. As with any profession, there are certain pieces of equipment that are “must-haves”. These tools, devices and technology allow vets to provide top class medical care to their pet-patients. From exam tables and lighting to autoclaves, these tools and tech are must-haves for any new vet clinic.

Features of Veterinary Medical Equipment:

  • Suitable for: quail, goose, dog, chicken, rabbit, mule, horse, pig, sheep, duck, cow, donkey and other animals.
  • The copper-plated head is more durable: the copper head of the syringe is round and smooth, and the syringe is made of high-quality plastic steel. The handle is made of blue plastic and more resistant to dirt.
  • Adjustable scale lever: The syringe scale lever can be adjusted for precise injection. Wring the screw to adjust the injected dose.
  • High-quality plastic steel syringe: high-quality plastic steel is stable and difficult to chemically react with the chemical solution. The syringe can be removed and replaced.
  • Includes spare parts: Each plastic syringe has spare parts for easy access. It can also be replaced when the syringe is damaged, extending the use time.

Types of Veterinary Medical Equipment

  • Veterinary examination tables
  • Grooming tables
  • Grooming bathtubs
  • Veterinary cages
  • Necropsy tables
  • Veterinary clinic trolleys
  • Other veterinary furniture
  • Veterinary stethoscopes
  • Veterinary otoscopes
  • Veterinary thermometers
  • Veterinary weighing scales
  • Veterinary blood glucose meters

Prices of Veterinary Medical Equipment

$439.00-$445.00/ Set

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