Veterinary Orthopaedic Instruments

The Vi general orthopaedic instruments range includes many items we’ve designed over the years that today are seen as standard. Some are little modified from standard human patterns where they work well, but others are radically different. Many have a large span of sizes, reflecting the huge variation in patient size in veterinary practice. If you need advice on the right instrument for your procedure or patient, please just ask us. Considering setting up for orthopaedics? You’ll find suggested starter sets in this section. Contact the Vi team and we’ll be happy to discuss how you can best tailor these to suit. And, of course, our own instruments carry our lifetime guarantee against materials and manufacturing defects.


Several surgical instruments of different variations help veterinarians during orthopedic surgeries. GerVetUSA is offering the most versatile and supreme-quality Orthopedic Surgical Instruments to ease veterinarians and orthopedists. We understand that the correct instrument must be used according to the requirements of the injury. Thus, we have Bone Files, Bone Cutting Forceps, Chisels, Containers, Curettes, Gauges, Elevators, Drills, Hooks, Ronguers, K-Wires, Clamps, Osteotomes, Pliers, Saws, Pins, Wire Passers, and Wire Twisters with multiple sizes, styles, and types. These orthopedic instruments are designed and manufactured with German stainless. Our incredibly robust and durable equipment is ideal to carry out diagnosis and traumatic injuries of the bones. We have strived hard to make accessible high-quality products at your doorstep. We are always at proximal to accommodate all those experts who want the finest and trusted quality equipment to enhance their skills in the operating room.

Features of Veterinary Orthopaedic Instruments

You will notice something different when working with VOI – Service. Our veterinary customers love that when they call VOI or need to consult with a Board-Certified Surgeon, we are here to assist them. We answer the phone on every ring. A friendly voice will work with you to ensure your order is correct before it leaves our facility. In addition, we extend services such as consultation, custom plate cutting and contouring, and power equipment repair – regardless of whether that power was purchased from VOI or not. We believe being here for our customers is the right thing to do.

At Veterinary Orthopedic implants we strive every day to bring our veterinary customers the selection they need for their demanding practices. Selection means we have options when “one size fits all” just won’t work. In fact, VOI offers the widest selection of implants, screws and instrumentation in the veterinary orthopedic field. Through closely developed relationships with top manufactures of power equipment and instruments and now suture – VOI is your go-to choice from cut to close.


Produce No.DescriptionSpecificationQuantity
A010-013.5mm  Straight Reconstruction Plate12Holes1
A010-022.7mm Straight Reconstruction Plate20Holes160mm1
A010-032.4mm Straight Reconstruction Plate25Holes161mm1
A010-042.0mm Straight Reconstruction Plate20Holes100mm1
A010-051.5mm Straight Reconstruction Plate20h100mm1
A010-062.0mm Straight Compressoin Plate10h1
A010-072.0mm Straight Compressoin Plate8h1
A010-082.4mm Straight Compressoin Plate10h1
A010-092.4mm Straight Compressoin Plate12h1
A010-102.7mm Straight Compressoin Plate10h1
A010-112.7mm Straight Compressoin Plate12h1
A010-121.5mm Acetabular Plate44Holes1
A010-132.0mm Acetabular Plate44Holes1
A010-142.4mm Acetabular Plate64Holes1
A010-152.7mm Acetabular Plate64Holes1
A010-163.5mm Acetabular Plate64Holes1
A010-171.5mm T type Plate3+4Holes1
A010-182.0mm T type Plate2+4h1
A010-192.4mmT type Plate2+8h1
A010-202.4mm Neatral Plate8h 65mm1
A010-212.0mm  Neatral Plate8h 30/70mm1

Prices of Veterinary Orthopaedic Instruments

$1,599.00-$1,699.00/ Set

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