Veterinary Wet Table

DRE Veterinary carries a large selection of new stainless steel wet tables to fit your facilities needs and budget. Our stainless steel tables are constructed of high-quality NSF-approved type 304 stainless steel and are customizable according to your needs. From bi-level we tables to deep tub and tables with millwork detail and cabinet space, DRE Veterinary has the solution for your practice or facility.

Offering innovative design and durable construction, the cut-away design of Midmark treatment tables provides the knee-space vital to sitting comfortably while working. The stainless steel or laminate designs offer several door drawer configurations and we also offer a variety of exam tops to meet your needs and quality construction that offers piece of mind.  


Tristar Vet provides a variety of innovative, heavy-duty, cost-effective wet tables for vets, animal shelters, doggy daycares and more. Choose from a variety of models for cleaning your furry clients after surgery or dental work. Vet Techs and practitioners tell us they love our inventive Water-Flo veterinary table because it makes their lives easier. Imagine cleaning your treatment tables and dental tables with a quick faucet turn. Nothing could be easier than our TriStar Vet engineered solution.

Not only do we offer quick-rinse cleaning, we engineered our stainless steel veterinary wet tables with a number of helpful cabinet options, including pass-through drawers, pull out writing shelves and removable inner panels and doors that provide easy access to wiring and plumbing. The tables are made from NSF-approved type 304 steel. Most models come with additional storage space below to keep tools and supplies within easy reach. Click any photo below to see your sink and cabinet options.

Features of Veterinary Wet Table

The stainless-steel construction of our wet tables ensures minimal rust and leakage. When we say stainless steel, this also goes for parts like the handles and latches. All models are backed by a warranty. You’re covered should anything break or become defective through no fault of your own. All wet tables are shipped fully assembled. The sturdy support structure ensures the surface can easily accommodate large-breed and pregnant canines. Other stand out features that put our wet tables in a class of their own include:

  • Height-adjustable table and instrument tray
  • Laptop platform with a swing arm
  • Plumbing system enclosed in an accessible cabinet
  • All electrical outlets in protective enclosures
  • High-arch faucet with separate heavy-duty spray hose
  • Multiple removable pans and two-way openings for most removable compartments

All of our tables are designed with ergonomics in mind and are engineered based on hundreds of hours of observing veterinarians in their real-world work environment.

Prices of Veterinary Wet Table

$439.00-$1,100.00/ Set

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