The Thompson Apple Parer / Corer / Sectioner  The Thompson may not be the rarest of peelers, but it is certainly one of the most graphic and highly sought after.  I attempted to make these look common a few years ago by buying, selling, or trading off 5 of them over a two year span.  It was an amazing string of coincidences with a large amount of luck mixed in.  I actually got two of them in one day.  I drove 8 hours to get one and then traded it for a sewing machine the same day.   Most patented apple peelers worked with gears and cranks and various designed cutters and knives, but with this one you lift the arm on the geared arch, load it up, and then swing the arm down to quickly peel the apple and at the bottom the cutter sections and cores it for you. Quick, fast and no fuss, and just a little muss. 


You can also use this peeler to just core and slice your apple, without peeling it. I make my slicer do this by pulling the first blade out of the way and locking it down with the lever.


Vintage Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter Machine 20th centuryMade in England

Vintage Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter Machine

Cast Iron Apple Potato Peeler Corer Slicer
With Vacuum Grip Base Vintage Green
Wooden solid handle

In nice condition for age there is wear

Made in England 20th century

Delivery tracked & signed



Seller Notes:excellent condition
Region of Origin:Antrim, N.H.Date of Creation:1800-1899
Listed By:Dealer or ResellerType:Metal & Ironwork
Maker:Goodell Co.Color:Green


$44.99 – $179.00

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