In addition to reducing the risk of crushing, the farrowing crate has become the main form of maternity housing for pigs. It has the following advantages: Economical When compared to most indoor housing options, the farrowing crate is relatively economical.

Space Saving: a typical farrowing crate can fit into a floor footprint of only 3.6 square meters per sow and litter.

Efficient: the farrowing crate allows efficient working conditions. They facilitate relatively high levels of hygiene and minimal mucking out.

Safe: as the sow is constrained to the dimensions of the crate, it affords relatively safe conditions for stock people, especially when having to handle piglets.

Farrowing crates are thus considered to be economical, efficient and safe with maximizing piglet survival

  • Front & rear doors, crate bottoms & feeders are stainless steel
  • The sow area is easily adjustable from 17″ to 24″. This provides for maximum sow comfort, and maximum pig protection.
  • Base flats are made of 3/16″ stainless steel, with 1-7/8″ solid shaft welded to them.  The solid shaft is 8″ long and is inserted into the round tubing of the end frame.
  • Front and rear doors will swing both ways, and can be completely removed.  They are made with 304 grade stainless steel attached to a frame made of 7/8″ solid shaft material

Prices of Vittetoe Farrowing Crates

  •  $556.46 
  • ₦212,000.00

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