Walk Behind Tractor Brands

Walk-behind tractors are designed to be used by individuals or small groups. They are also known as garden tractors, lawn tractors, or utility tractors. These machines are ideal for mowing grass and doing other landscaping tasks around your home, but they can also be used for other jobs like snow removal and hauling dirt.

The first walk-behind tractor was introduced in 1902 by a company called the John Deere Tractor Company. The design of this machine was unique because it did not have wheels or tracks; instead, it had belts that provided traction for moving forward. It was powered by an internal combustion engine that was fueled by gasoline or kerosene. This type of powerplant is still used today on some models of walk-behind tractors.

The walk-behind tractor is one of the most powerful and versatile pieces of equipment in a farm’s arsenal. It’s also one of the most important, as it allows farmers to perform tasks that would be impossible or too dangerous for them to do using other types of equipment.

The walk-behind tractor was invented in the early 1900s by an army engineer named David Bradley, who had been tasked with designing a way to move artillery around battlefields without having to use horses or wagons. He quickly realized that this could be adapted for use on farms as well, and soon began producing tractors for rural farmers.

Walk Behind Tractor Brands

There are many Walk Behind Tractor Brands, but which ones are best for your needs? Gravely was a leading American manufacturer of walk-behind tractors, but after WWII, the market for walk-behinds dried up as larger tractors started to be manufactured. Gravely ceased production around 2003. You can check out other Walk Behind Tractor Brands below. This article will help you determine which one will best meet your needs.

Dong Feng

If you are looking to purchase a four-wheel tractor, the DONGFENG Brand is worth considering. These tractors can serve dual purposes – traction and drive. They have a simple structure, long service life, easy operation, and ample output. In addition to the four-wheeler, DONGFENG also produces pedal cars for children. With their reliable performance and sturdy construction, this tractor is perfect for farms and small farms.

The Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co. is based in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai. The company claims to produce more than one hundred thousand two-wheel tractors per year, and they recently entered the four-wheel tractor market. Another manufacturer of two-wheel tractors is the KAMCO tractor company in Kerala, India. They manufacture a twelve HP two-wheel tractor with multiple attachments, including a 3.5 HP 120 centimeter reaper. They sell nearly six thousand two-wheel tractors annually.

The DongFeng DF-244 G2 is an easy-to-use, reliable mini tractor. Its fuel system is simple, and it can run on diesel from any gas station in Ukraine. Its pre-heating system allows for easier starting in cold weather. It also features agricultural tires on both axles. The rear wheels are adjustable, and a limited-slip differential ensures high maneuverability. This tractor is great for small farms, livestock complexes, and road construction. DongFeng also has a service department that can help you with all your tractor needs.

Another popular brand of walk-behind tractor is the Changzhou Hengfeng Two-wheel tractor. This two-wheel tractor is capable of operating various types of agricultural equipment, including weeding and planting. In addition to its unique design, this tractor can also be purchased new or used. Make sure to purchase your tractor from a reliable source. This tractor is worth the investment, as it will serve your needs for years to come.


The Grillo Walk Behind Tractor is an extremely versatile machine that comes equipped with many great features. For gardening or horticulture purposes, it features an 18-horsepower Vangaurd engine, a 30-inch tiller, a steering brake system, and an automatic reversing system. Its front weight is 18 pounds, but it can be upgraded to a heavier weight if needed. The dual front wheels are also a great feature, providing excellent stability and handling on rough terrain.

Compared to a single-purpose tiller, a walk-behind tractor and implements package will cost more initially, but the overall performance and space will make this investment worth it. Plus, if you need to purchase more than one implement, the savings will quickly offset the package cost. Additionally, these tractors require less space than a single-purpose tiller, making them an ideal choice for small farms.

The two-wheel tractors from Grillo and BCS are extremely versatile and have many different attachments. They are ideal for small commercial growers, land managers, and landscapers. Many people choose these versatile tractors because they can be used for many tasks and are easy to switch between them. Some of them even come with protective features, such as bumpers, which keep the operator and equipment safe. The Grillo Walk Behind Tractor Brands

BCS and Grillo have been major competitors for decades. The two companies partnered on many designs and even offered the same implements. BCS initially produced sickle bar mowers, and Grillo eventually adapted this concept to include tillers. In addition, they collaborated on various implements, including the Grillo 7M. The BCS 725 transmission was even used in the Grillo 7M. However, in the US market, BCS and Grillo are very different.


While the BCS walk-behind tractor brand has been around for decades, it was originally developed by Gravely Brand in the early 1900s. Production of this brand stopped in the 1970s as small family farms gave way to the growing popularity of commodity/cash crops. The BCS walk behind tractor brand, on the other hand, was developed in Italy in 1942 as a solution to the problem of draft power on small farms. The two wheel tractors gained popularity in the 1950s and became the largest two-wheeled tractor manufacturers in Europe.

While BCS walk-behind tractor brands provide a wide range of features and capabilities, there is still one key element that distinguishes them from other walk-behind brands. The first thing to remember about BCS walk-behind tractors is that their power units are more versatile than other walk-behind machines. That means they are more than just lawnmowers – they can handle mowing, planting, and sweeping, as well as other tasks.

European walk-behind tractor manufacturers first introduced reversible handlebars on their tractors in the 1960s. American manufacturers remained behind the times, and never really innovated the walk-behind tractor industry. Today, the walk-behind tractor industry is dominated by Italian companies. There are more than 15 walk-behind tractor brands produced in the country. Among them are BCS America and Grillo. BCS and Grillo are the most established in North America, but both brands make great walk-behinds.

A walk-behind tractor is an ideal choice for those with limited space or mobility. With a variety of attachments, this tractor can handle various tasks, and has front PTO capabilities. A walk-behind tractor is also a great option for steep terrains. The reversible handlebars allow you to use different implements on the same tractor, such as a hay mower. In addition, BCS walk-behind tractor models feature reversible handlebars.


If you are looking for a walk-behind tractor, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many different brands and models available. The Gravely Brand was first developed in 1911 but was discontinued by the 1970s as the growth of cash crops and commodity production replaced small family farms. The BCS brand, which is made in Italy, became popular in the 1950s and replaced draft power on small farms throughout Europe. Today, the BCS brand is one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheel tractors in Europe.

Earth Tools is one of the largest walk-behind tractor dealerships in the USA and Canada. Owner Joel Dufour has been selling walk behind tractors for nearly four decades. I recently had the chance to interview him about his company and what makes it different from other walk-behind tractor brands. The company’s reputation for quality and reliability is unmatched by any competitor. Joel Dufour is passionate about his business and proudly states that “the Dufour Walk Behind Tractor Brand has been in business since 1977”.

The Grillo line of walk-behind tractors has a variety of professional applications. It can till under plants during the autumn months to enhance their growth and retain organic nutrients. For the winter months, it comes with a snow-clearing option. With so many different models available, there’s bound to be a Dufour walk-behind tractor to meet your needs. There are also many other options available, so take your time and shop around to find the one that’s right for you.

Walking on a walk-behind tractor is a great way to get exercise. While walking is the best form of exercise, many doctors recommend that Americans do more walking than riding a riding mower. But with a walk-behind tractor, you’ll be able to get your work done while still enjoying exercise. You’ll find yourself spending less time bending over and more productively working. The benefits of walking behind a tractor are numerous, including reduced risk of injury and wear and tear.


When it comes to the most reliable farm tractor brand, CHALION, a company with more than a century of farming expertise, has the walk-behind tractor to beat the competition. Its 2-wheel drive means that the user must walk behind the tractor to operate it. Walking tractors have made an appearance before the four-wheel tractor. They are inexpensive and suited for farmers with limited economic budgets. Chalion’s walking tractor is a step forward in human progress.

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