The Water-Reel® is a simple set and go irrigation system with traveller raingun that allows the user to irrigate acres in a single unattended pass. We carry different models for different irrigation solutions, but they are all just as easy to use. Water-Reels are an automatic form of portable irrigation which use one of four Drive Options to turn the Reel and retract the Gun Cart (Sprinkler) back to the machine where it automatically turns off. B-Series Water Reels can be equipped with either a Turbine, Bellows, Electric Motor or a Gas Engine Drive.

uses of Water Reel Irrigation

Just park your Water-Reel at one end of your field, pull the gun cart (sprinkler) to the other end of the field, turn your water on and the machine pulls (retracts) the cart back along the irrigated path. Most systems today are driven by an electric motor mounted at each tower. The outside set of wheels sets the pace for the rotation. The inner sets of wheels are mounted at hubs between two segments and use angle sensors to detect when the bend at the joint exceeds a certain threshold.


Tube Inner Diameter Length: 1.1″x280′

Irrigation Width:68 – 118′

Irrigated Length: 314 – 339′

Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 0.5 – 0.9

Drive System: Bellows

GPM Range: 4 – 27

Inlet PSI Range: 45 – 103

Hours Per Full Run: 2.3 – 14

Sprinkler Included: SIME K1 or SIME Silver Tube Inner

Optional Solar Panel: Kifco Model E140 can be equipped with a highly efficient solar panel which eliminates the need for an electrical charge.

Prices of Water Reel Irrigation

 $ 5800-6500 / Piece

3,200.00-$13,000.00/ Set

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